Ek Niwas Open Meeting -This Sunday!!

For detailed information about disrespect to basic Sikh princles please visit:
Meeting on 2nd July 2006, at 4pm:

Guru Nanak Sikh Temple
Sedgley Street off Duncan Street
West Midlands
01902 459413
01902 458877

This is a request to any sangat who have views to put forward to attend this open meeting.

Meetings have previously been held with police and Ek Niwas officials to no avail so it is time to make an constructive effort to bring a close to this disrespect.

More updates soon....

Is Khalistan the answer?

Email I recieved through youtube.com, made me smile - hope it does the same for you people :)

"i am sikh and it saddens me that u choose to invest ur energy n time in useless propaganda like this.

but ur behaviour doesnt shock me, i must say. its because of people like u that the world is a mess. u people r incapable of forgetting the past n working towards a better future.
india, a great nation has faced turbulance in its entire history because of people like u. u calling india a terroist nation doesnt make it one, u sir, r the real terrorists.
you r fools to believe that punjab can be liberated. are u dumb enugh to not realize that punjab cannot survive as a nation? r u foolish enugh to not realize what is involved in making a strong n developed nation? u fools r bein misguided by pakistan and running after a impossible dream n killing many innocents in the process. the terrorism in punjab took its fair share of innocent lives too, not jus bluestar.
watever happened was not right, mistakes were made by both sides. but the people involved are all dead now. nothing will come from provoking the masses again, only more death and bloodshed.
are u fightin for the injustice done on innocent sikhs or are u jus propagating the mindless ideas of liberation of punjab? if it were the fight for justice to the innocent, i wud have joined u. but u are jus using the plight n misery of the innocent to propagate ur politics
i think the indian government owes no answers, no explanations to terrorists n fools like u.
bhinderwala sed that a sikh shud b a gud sikh, but have u all forgotten sikhism was born to protect the weak. v r corageous n righteous ppl who not only protect themselves but others around us. we are a genre who were born to hear the plight of others and to help others. the roots of sikhism is generosity n care. u r selfish bastards, u see nothing besides ur dumb ideas, not even the true meaning of being a sikh. every indian needs us today, but sum of my brothers r being fooled n trapped n wasted by u. u r not figting for punjab, or sikhs or sikhism, u r fighting for your greed.
india is at a turn point, despite of its major problems, we r on the verge to emerge as a world super power, an oppurtunity to make the lives of all indians better, if there is nothign that u assholes cant help to achieve that goal, then for the sake of sikhs if not india, u all shud kill urself. atleast then u wont b able to kill more innocent hindus n sikhs.
u r in no way opressed, punjab is the richest state in india, one of the most prosperous states. u r fighitng for greed n power, not for sikhism, not for the innocents.
first of all u will never succeed in ur stupid plans. even f u do, u will make the lives of all punjabis miserable, jus because u r foolish enugh to not realize that punjab can not survive widout india.
And the reason y u wont succeed is that bluestar will happen again if needed, and i and all the other true sikhs, the broadminded, and the sane people will be supporting it.
Stop fooling the youth, or we indians will kill u all again.

... And for more information please visit www.neverforget84.com

Call to Sikh Women Worldwide

(click on image to enlarge)

Sri Guru Jee’s writings help us understand the need for Saadh Sangat in the dark age of Kaljug, where the only true support is that of His Name. Kaurs United sevadaars have a dream to become that Saadh Sangat; the support and strength that many Kaurs are searching for.

Our first camp was graced with some very blessed and pure souls, who were able to contribute to every diwaan, langar, and discussion with all of their knowledge, seva bhaavna (intentions) and experiences. Some highlights from our first camp include the craft gift exchange, late-night simran, amrit vela diwaans, impersonal and personal discussions, the sharing of experiences, pains, and pressures, the divine aura of Guru Nanak Parkash Gurdwara Sahib itself, and the Sangat of so many blooming and blessed daughters of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji.

For Kaurs United's 2006 Camp, there will be a multitude of challenging, exciting, and inspiring activities. Campers will attend focused lectures and discussions, as well as participate in an array of physical activities like archery, Gatka, fun on the beach, and so much more! [Read full article]

With the infinite Kirpa of Guru Maharaj, Kaurs United hopes to support, inspire, and unite Sikh women around the globe. Please view the poster below and visit www.kaursunited.org for detailed information. Download THIS form to Register


UK/European women should really make an effort to attend this camp as it gives them a brilliant opportunity to network with the Canadians, possibly even set up similar camps on our side of the Atlantic.

It's important for the global sangat to get behind projects like this to encourage Sikh women, who are often forgotten when it comes to Sikhi in the mainstream, to ensure our future is as prosperous as our past.

Sikh Girls Under Attack

Click on image to view.

Forward to people, it might help save a naive sister.

Whenever a sister or brother gets converted to any other religion, its not their fault - its ours as a community.

The only reason it happens is because we don't plant the seed of Sikhi within them, th
ey dont learn about their own religion and its greatness so they dont understand what it means to swap it for another.

The Solution?

Learn about your religion through your Guru

Charity Bike Ride - B'ham to Leicester!!

Charity Bike Ride 2006
Charity Bike Ride 2006
Sunday 18th June 2006
Birmingham >> Leicester
Birmingham to Leicester Sponsored Charity Bike Ride 2006!
Sunday 18th June
Come Challenge yourself!

400 years ago Guru Arjan Dev Jee, the beloved fifth Guru of the Sikh faith sacrificed his life in order to uphold the values of truth, equality and freedom of expression. His actions were truly courageous and inspiring to all.

In an endeavor to pay a small tribute to the first Sikh martyr and to encourage us to sacrifice a little of our time, energy and good will in homage to Guru Arjan Dev Ji's ultimate sacrifice: BOSS, Midlands Sikh Societies and Young Sikhs Leicester in conjunction with National Bike Week and the local police authorities have come together to support some great causes and have some good-natured fun in the process!
This exciting event will support, raise awareness and provide equipment to a couple of great charities. The Gurseva project work tirelessly to assist orphaned children in northern India and in addition to this a local charity will also benefit. (tbc)

Leaving bright and early on Sunday 18th June we'll begin our trek from Guru Nanak Gurdwara Smethwick to Guru Tegh Bahadhur Gurdwara in sunny old Leicester! Enjoy the picturesque journey and feel the satisfaction of playing your part in helping those less fortunate than ourselves and sacrificing a little of your time and energy in memory of that great sacrifice made by our Guru.

All we ask from you is that you come equipped with a road-worthy bike (no pindu style condition please!) a turban or helmet, loads of enthusiasm, some generous sponsors and most of all be ready for a bundle of laughs (and a bit of sweat!) on the way!

Anyone and everyone is welcome. People of all abilities, aged from 14-101 years old! Instead of the usual Sunday sipping tea with uncle and aunty or surfing the net, come out, enjoy the sun, relish the company and do something worthwhile! At the end all participants will receive a t-shirt that your mates will envy, a shiny medal and a certificate so you can prove you completed the challenge! Riders will gain a free entry to a prize draw and there will be a wicked prize for the guy or gal who raises the most money! Now it couldn't get much better then that, could it?

So if you can ride a bike and want to make a little difference, while getting fit and having fun in the process then what are you waiting for?? Fill in the application form, add your £10 entrance fee and send it off before the 31st May and be a part of this amazing event. It is limited to only 100 bikers so if you wanna be part of the exclusive network of bikers than hurry up and get those forms in!

Check out the sites below for more information…

Happy cycling!

Application Form (38KB)
Consent Form (45KB)

Sikh Video Media on YouTube.com

I've been uploading many of the videos from various websites onto one site for ease of access for the sangat over the past month:

Click Me

This will be gradually updated as time goes on.

** If I have made any errors in not crediting somebody for creating or designing a video please email me and I will edit the video information. **

Also if you know of any other videos that may benefit the global sangat please upload yourself or send the information to me.

Everybody wants to be......

Shaheed Bhai Sukhdev Singh Ji Babbar
(Jathedaar of Babbar Khalsa International)

Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale
(14th Jathedaar of DamDami Taksal)

Everybody wants to wear these great Gursikhs on their chests and shout their names at protests and marches but when it comes to looking carefully at their lifestyles we fall short.

It's easy to carry a 3 foot Kirpan, a spear or even an AK47 if the country permits but to have the kamai of these people isnt even comprehendable by people like me.

Sant Jarnail Singh Ji used to read 5 Granthi, 125 Japji Sahibs and 25 ang of Siri Guru Granth Sahib ji as his everyday Nitnem.

The main reason why it was so hard to infiltrate the Babbar Khalsa was because you had to have the Jeevan of a Gursikh, not just the T-shirt. You had to have your 7 Bani's memorised for a start...

How many of the current day Sikhs can lay claim to do these things?

The Bani is the same, the Guru is the same - the weakness is within ourselves.

Start today, say your going to add something to your Nitnem. 5 Japji Sahibs, 1 Hour Vaheguru Simran, a Sukhmani Sahib - tommorow never comes.

The only person holding you back, is you.

Random Thought

"People don't convert to Sikhi,
They realise it within themselves..."

A child once said to a grown Sikh male, "I know about you, you can't cut your hair!!"

The man replied, "It's not that I cant cut my hair, it's that I dont want to".

Sikhi is not about restricting yourself so your forced to do it, its about realising the reasons why you act a certain way.

It's about walking down the street having sinful thoughts in your mind, be it anger, greed or pride and realising at that point "Oh my mind, why are you thinking in such a way"

It's about driving on a cold rainy day, and becoming overwhelmed by the complexitiy of every raindrop falling on your windshield. Being absorbed in the colours of the overcast sky. Being thankful for every emotion that you feel because its a gift to you, even if your mind interprets that as pain.

Only with good karam can we attain this understanding, and when we do - we should try our best to live by these teachings, this mat (Gurmat/Gurus understanding), bestowed upon us by Guru Sahib himself.

Searching, searching, searching, I have come to understand the essence of reality. Without the Naam, there is no peace at all, and the mortal will surely fail.

Many come and go; they die, and die again, and are reincarnated. Without understanding, they are totally useless, and they wander in reincarnation. || 5 || They alone join the Saadh Sangat, unto whom the Lord becomes Merciful. They chant and meditate on the Ambrosial Name of the Lord. || 6 || Uncounted millions, so many they are endless, search for Him. But only that one, who understands his own self, sees God near at hand. || 7 || Never forget me, O Great Giver - please bless me with Your Naam.To sing Your Glorious Praises day and night - O Nanak, this is my heart-felt desire. || 8 || 2 || 5 || 16 ||

Whatever pleases You is True. One who is blessed with true understanding, does not come and go. || 3 || Apply such an ointment to your eyes, which is pleasing to your Beloved. I realize, understand, know Him, only if He Himself causes me to know Him. He Himself shows me the Way, and He Himself leads me to it, attracting my mind.

O Nanak, the One who created the creation, watches over it; He alone bestows understanding. || 9 || 2 || 5 ||

The mind is comforted by the Comforter of the Naam. I fall at the Guru's feet - I am a sacrifice to Him; He has given me to understand the true understanding. || Pause ||

Restrain your fickle mind, and keep it steady within its own home; meeting the Guru, this understanding is obtained.

Prays Nanak, how rare are those who reflect and understand, the most sublime action in this world. The noblest deed is to sing the Lord's Praises, and so meet the Lord Himself. || 4 || 1 || 12 ||

Dear Lord, You Yourself bestow understanding. Dear Lord, I am forever a sacrifice to You; I am dedicated and devoted to Your Name. || Pause ||

Grays Gurdwara Committee Shuns Akal Takht Sandesh

Sunday 4th of June 2006
Panthic Weekly News Bureau

Sikh Temple, 6 Maidstone Road, Grays, Essex, RM17 6NF. Tel: 01735 - 376086

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!!

Grays Sikh Temple, Essex, is to construct a community centre specifically to cater for weddings and parties where meat and alcohol will be served. The total cost of the project is £480k, the Gurdwara will funding £80k of the total build cost.

This is direct violation of the 2006 Sandesh from Sri Akal Takht Sahib stating that Buildings bought or constructed using the Daswand (one tenth of earnings) of the Sikh Sangat or Gurdwara donations are solely to be used for Gurmat purposes and the betterment of society. This Community Centre is being constructed solely to cater for weddings and parties where meat & alcohol will be allowed onto the premises. The Sandesh also states that there is no permission granted for dancing and singing or any acts which go against the principles of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. The Community Centre will promote acts against Gurmat.

The plan of the community centre shows that the Gurdwara and the community centre will share the same wall. Currently the community centre is adjoined to the langar hall where parties have been allowing meat and alcohol to be served. The Gurdwara itself is in need of immediate repair and there has been no consideration about refurbishment or improvements.

The initiator of this profane project is Gurdwara Stage Secretary Kewal Dhillion. The Gurdwara Committee have obtained Grant funding of £400k for the community centre.

Gurdwara committees sole purpose to adhere and implement Hukamana’s & Sandesh’s from Sri Akal Takht Sahib, however once the president Balbir Singh Gill & Gen Secretary Harjit Singh where informed about the Sandesh they absolutely refused to acknowledge these principles.

Currently the Gray Panjabi Community do not use the current Gurdwara community centre because it is poorly maintained. Instead, other local facilities are used. Gray Gurdwara is misusing Sangat monies to provide facilities that are not going to benefit the Grays Sikh Community in any way. The Community Centre will not be used for any other purpose apart from reception parties as the committee are unwilling to fund other activities within the centre.

The Gurdwara Committee is exploiting the Anand Karaj cememony by promoting Gurmat activities in the Gurdwara and Manmat (acts against Sikh Principles) Activities in the adjoining Community Centre.

The sole aim of this Gurdwara committee is to make money from selling Sikh Principles. This Gurdwara committee has to realise it position in Sikh Society as promoters of Sikh Principles rather that those who choose to ignore and manipulate Rehit Maryada for their own gains.

Grays Gurdwara committee has to reconsider its plans and not allow meat, alcohol or dancing to happen in a building adjoined to the Gurdwara. The Gurdwara Committee have to recognise the Sovereignty of Sri Akal Takht Sahib and understand that the sole purpose of a Gurdwara committee is to promote Gurmat, and not to partake in any other activity that demeans the status of a Gurdwara.

We ask the Gurdwara committee to confirm its adherence to Rehit Maryada and the Sandesh from Sri Akal Takht Sahib and that it will not use any of the Gurdwara facilities and funds to promote activities that are against Gurmat.

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!!

Respect For Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Campaign.
Tel: 07944-445651
Email: sikhalerts@yahoo.co.uk

Panthic Article can be found HERE

March For Freedom!!!


The UK Sikhs have produced a small video trailer for the upcoming
4th June March and Rally.

The dead don't have a voice, so lets make the effort so the world doesnt
forget what happened.

If we forget about '84, nobody else will remember.

Burning Words

"The hottest places in Hell are reserved for those who, in a period of moral crisis, maintain their neutrality."

The Village of Children

This sakhi is an adaption of one of Baba Isher Singh jee's audio tape saakhis.

Something about the village graveyard set it apart. During my travels I had seen literally hundreds of graveyards. Usually graveyards are somber and somewhat resigned under the weight of death. But this one was different: besides been well-kept - which in itself was not unusual - it was designed more like a garden of life than a cradle of death.

What set it truly apart was the cheerfulness of its structure. Its' shady trees and sunny flowers seductively invited me in. Graveyards were my favourite resting places. It seemed that as soon as one exited a womb, Maya (worldy attractions) became a human's sole companion until the gates of a graveyard. Perhaps it was the absence of Maya in such places that kept my hopes of enlightenment alive.

I had left home when I had turned twenty. Although I didn't know it then, I had set out to find a place free of illusions. I had travelled to majestic temples, sober ashrams, holy rivers, renowned sadhus and any other religious place I had been told about, yet my mind was as restless as it was when I had first started. The holy places and the holy people at these places were among the most devout followers of Maya. After more than twelve years of searching, I had given up hope and had reluctantly decided to return home and begin a worldly life. It was on my journey home that I came upon this unusual village graveyard.

Although it was only mid-morning, I gave in to the cry of my aching muscles and entered the graveyard through a small wooden door. I put down my knapsack and looked at some of the tombstones. The tombstones entries always reminded me of my transitory place on earth. But this graveyard was full of surprises. There were three entries on each stone: name of the deceased person, the year of birth and instead of the usual 'death of year' the third entry was 'years of life'. Even more peculiar was that the 'years of life' entries were usually well under twenty. Although it took me all morning, I visited each and every tombstone; and to my utter astonishment, I could not find any 'years of life' over thirty. The most common entry was between ten and twelve. And there were quite a few with zero years of life. I was a curious person by nature (otherwise I would not have been here) and I had seen my share of amazing places. But this place truly mystified me. I decided to look up this "village of children".

I walked about a mile to the village gate. I was surprised to see people of all ages in the village courtyard. The villagers were extremely friendly. They came and not unlike children, touched and greeted me, and offered me all sorts of refreshments and foods. I was quite overwhelmed by their attention and love. Almost all of the villager's manners resembled the innocent nature of children. Even their faces were quite smooth and somewhat glowed with purity.

There was a group of elders sitting around an old banyan tree. I decided to ask them about this heavenly place. I approached the men. They greeted me warmly and at an appropriate time I asked: "Respected sirs, I have seen many places and many people. But even at the most holiest of these places I could not find the life and love that pervades this place. Perhaps I am in a dream...", I trailed off. They all smiled. I hurriedly continued, "I would very much like it if you would kindly explain this rather peculiar place. I was also very intrigued by the graveyard at the entrance of the village. Is it where you bury your young ones?"

After a short pause, the most elderly man spoke: "Traveller, you look like a man who would benefit much from the story I will tell you. Listen carefully and it will change your life." All the men around sat attentively. All the villagers within earshot came and sat to hear the old man speak.

He began, "My grandfather was the Kazi of this village. Each morning, well before sunrise, he would call out to the people and to the heavens with his namaaz (muslim call to prayer). One such morning he was in midst of his prayer when he heard music from the outskirts of the village. He was a devout muslim and was quite horrified to hear music at such a holy hour. He immediately sent some of his followers to put an end to this paganism. But to his surprise, none of them came back. The music meanwhile continued. After a long wait he himself decided to put an end to this unholy activity. So, quite angrily, he strode towards the music. But the closer he got, the more he realized that it wasn't his anger that was responsible for his hurried strides, rather it was the exquisite beauty in the music. Finally when he got close enough to see the music makers, not only did his body lose the ability to move, his mind too stopped the madman's dance it had been doing since his birth. He literally stood rooted to a spot for the duration of the recital. The music cast a spell on him. He travelled inwards to subtle places he had read about only in the scriptures. He would often look back at that moment and dreamily acclaimed, "I drank life to the fullest during those hours".

There was a long pause during which the story teller and the story listeners let the stillness of the story enter the depths of their beings. The elderly man continued: "The music makers were the great Guru Nanak and his companion Mardana jee. I am sure you have heard of him." I meekly nodded and mumbled, "I have, but haven't had the grace of meeting any of his followers".

"That is perhaps why, my friend, you are here," the man prophetically said. "At the end of the recital, my grandfather and all the others present simply surrendered themselves to the Guru. This was largely just a symbolic act because the moment each of them had seen the Guru they had lost themselves to him. Guru Nanak graced this village for three days and three nights. My grandfather named those days the "stillness days" because he said it was during those days that he and others learnt about the One found only within the stillness of the mind. We observe those days like others observe their birthdays. Indeed those days were the birthday of the village's inner life." He chuckled, "If you are impressed with the village now, you should see the love of the villagers in those fine days."

"But, as is the nature of the human mind," the elder soberly continued, "it wasn't long after Guru Nanak's departure that the village started returning to its normal numb and dark existence. This greatly troubled my grandfather and others like him who become Guru Nanak's and Guru Nanak's only. They tried very hard, through teaching and preaching, to keep the message of the Guru alive. Finally, after all normal means failed they came up with the following village tradition: Each villager keeps a diary. It is mandatory that each night before sleep, each person make an entry in the diary. Even children and people who cannot read or write have to get this entry made. The entry is simply the amount of time during the day that was spent in simran or in seva. At the end of the person's life, the entries are accumulated and that, my dear traveller, is the 'years of life' entry you see on the tombstones."

The story teller paused to let the magnitude of what he had told me to sink into me. He continued, "It is perhaps that which allows us to be free with our love. We are reminded each and every day what real life is. The time spent in simran or seva is the only life we consider as been worthy of been called life."

I travelled and searched no more. This indeed was the illusion-less place I was seeking.