Is Khalistan the answer?

Email I recieved through, made me smile - hope it does the same for you people :)

"i am sikh and it saddens me that u choose to invest ur energy n time in useless propaganda like this.

but ur behaviour doesnt shock me, i must say. its because of people like u that the world is a mess. u people r incapable of forgetting the past n working towards a better future.
india, a great nation has faced turbulance in its entire history because of people like u. u calling india a terroist nation doesnt make it one, u sir, r the real terrorists.
you r fools to believe that punjab can be liberated. are u dumb enugh to not realize that punjab cannot survive as a nation? r u foolish enugh to not realize what is involved in making a strong n developed nation? u fools r bein misguided by pakistan and running after a impossible dream n killing many innocents in the process. the terrorism in punjab took its fair share of innocent lives too, not jus bluestar.
watever happened was not right, mistakes were made by both sides. but the people involved are all dead now. nothing will come from provoking the masses again, only more death and bloodshed.
are u fightin for the injustice done on innocent sikhs or are u jus propagating the mindless ideas of liberation of punjab? if it were the fight for justice to the innocent, i wud have joined u. but u are jus using the plight n misery of the innocent to propagate ur politics
i think the indian government owes no answers, no explanations to terrorists n fools like u.
bhinderwala sed that a sikh shud b a gud sikh, but have u all forgotten sikhism was born to protect the weak. v r corageous n righteous ppl who not only protect themselves but others around us. we are a genre who were born to hear the plight of others and to help others. the roots of sikhism is generosity n care. u r selfish bastards, u see nothing besides ur dumb ideas, not even the true meaning of being a sikh. every indian needs us today, but sum of my brothers r being fooled n trapped n wasted by u. u r not figting for punjab, or sikhs or sikhism, u r fighting for your greed.
india is at a turn point, despite of its major problems, we r on the verge to emerge as a world super power, an oppurtunity to make the lives of all indians better, if there is nothign that u assholes cant help to achieve that goal, then for the sake of sikhs if not india, u all shud kill urself. atleast then u wont b able to kill more innocent hindus n sikhs.
u r in no way opressed, punjab is the richest state in india, one of the most prosperous states. u r fighitng for greed n power, not for sikhism, not for the innocents.
first of all u will never succeed in ur stupid plans. even f u do, u will make the lives of all punjabis miserable, jus because u r foolish enugh to not realize that punjab can not survive widout india.
And the reason y u wont succeed is that bluestar will happen again if needed, and i and all the other true sikhs, the broadminded, and the sane people will be supporting it.
Stop fooling the youth, or we indians will kill u all again.

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Raminder Kaur said...

Wow. Brainwashed, lost, used & abused, slavish mentality and misunderstood are a FEW of the good words that come to mind.

Jagvinder Singh said...

punjab, one of the richest and prosperous states, yes. but not its people. i was talking to my friend who lives in amritsar, yesterday, and he said, so far, electricity's gone off like 11 times for the day. and its summer. its blazing, and most of punjab's enegry goes to neighbouring states.

but i guess we dug our own graves to deserve this one. if our leadership had fallen into capable hands, our future couldve been different.baba jarnail singh bhindranwale came down to remind us of who we are, so we may learn from our mistakes and change our future. but i guess the wods fell on deaf ears. he taught us how to live with honour, dignity, and self respect. but these same qualities we are selling of to dirty politicians yet again.i can sit down in my chair and type all day, yet do nothing, so i'll stop here.

Anonymous said...


" india is at a turn point, despite of its major problems, we r on the verge to emerge as a world super power, an oppurtunity to make the lives of all indians better, if there is nothign that u assholes cant help to achieve that goal, then for the sake of sikhs if not india, u all shud kill urself. "


Anonymous said...

"v r corageous n righteous ppl who not only protect themselves but others around us"

yeah wateva cant even defend ourselves really gonna be able to stand up for others.....


Anonymous said...

sori singh probably my krodh and that but what on earth made u smile about this email....pissed me right off!!

Anonymous said...

HAHA i think it made people smile caus e iTS SO DAMN STUPID ahahah

sooooo ignoranttttt maaaaan

if people like THAT run this world, this world is goin to HELL , n brothas thats what makes me smileeeee


Anonymous said...

punjab richest state in india? sikh boys cutting their hairs. use drugs and smack. more illiterate people in punjab now. why not khalistan? its better to die with proud than to live as slave. so think u want khalistan or not. we don't want to fight. give us punjab and let us decide our future. brother we as a sikh must ready to die together. soora so pehc..................chade khet. ab joojan ka dao. so lets come to india and prepare khalsa fauj and dont care whether we die or not. lets make the dream true. waiting for ur response.

Satwinder Singh said...

well anybody who is brainwashed by the indian media wud think this way....most of people in punjab do share such perspective. only source they base their ideas from what there are told by the media, which rarely did justice to sikh cause!

Anonymous said...

I agree on the fact that we should move on with our lives, to see a better future, but not as cowards. Forgetting history is like forgetting the roots, i am confused are u a punjabi or a sikh cause it two different thing. If you are a punjabi with no turban and shaved beard i will ask you to plz convert into other religion. Sikh and khalsa panth is only for the brave ones as this world is cruel. Khalsa is only for the outspoken not the cowards. In khalsa you must lay everything you have to the guru not the person who fears for his life and belongings. Khalsa will die for its faith not hide like a coward like you. sorry to say you might delete this once u receive it. But think logically this life will come to an end for all of us....only u alone will have to answer this question when u die......are u a sikh of the guru or a punjabi???

the day will come again like the 1984 cause this the only way God wants to wake us up......we will die and many will and we will die as many times it needed cause this life is just temporary....and that time lets see who comes to save the life but never forget your roots.

mark my words---the day will come !!

MAI said...

'I disagree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.' Voltaire, French philosopher

'Is life so dear or peace so sweet as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take,but as for me, give me liberty or give me death.' Patrick Henry, American revolutionary, 1776

This guy doesn't seem to understand what being a Sikh means. Maybe a European and an American will get through his thick skull.

In the meantime, this letter gave me my morning jollies.