Everybody wants to be......

Shaheed Bhai Sukhdev Singh Ji Babbar
(Jathedaar of Babbar Khalsa International)

Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale
(14th Jathedaar of DamDami Taksal)

Everybody wants to wear these great Gursikhs on their chests and shout their names at protests and marches but when it comes to looking carefully at their lifestyles we fall short.

It's easy to carry a 3 foot Kirpan, a spear or even an AK47 if the country permits but to have the kamai of these people isnt even comprehendable by people like me.

Sant Jarnail Singh Ji used to read 5 Granthi, 125 Japji Sahibs and 25 ang of Siri Guru Granth Sahib ji as his everyday Nitnem.

The main reason why it was so hard to infiltrate the Babbar Khalsa was because you had to have the Jeevan of a Gursikh, not just the T-shirt. You had to have your 7 Bani's memorised for a start...

How many of the current day Sikhs can lay claim to do these things?

The Bani is the same, the Guru is the same - the weakness is within ourselves.

Start today, say your going to add something to your Nitnem. 5 Japji Sahibs, 1 Hour Vaheguru Simran, a Sukhmani Sahib - tommorow never comes.

The only person holding you back, is you.


$inghneesRunThings said...

"because you had to have the Jeevan of a Gursikh, not just the T-shirt. "

The youth of today need to hear this message again and again

We need to spread this message spread this post, email it to people please someone

We are totally lacking in our rehat it is SO CLEAR we can't compare ourselves to puratan gursikhs if we're falling so so low LOW LOW LOW. No Bani and no simran, no rehat, no love, or we think we have love and use that excuse to get us through with our laziness. Where's the love for Guru Ji that would wake Puratan Singhs (and vartman Gurmukhs i.e. Shaheeds of 78-96 and continued) up at 230 am doing cold ishnaan and abhiyas and then Bani until morning? God help usssssssss

Anonymous said...

Very happy reading your post.

Todays youth want to remember and honour great Gursikhs yet they still use foul language, swear, be lapse in Rehit, and not read extra Bani or do extra Nam Abhiyas.

Very sad. Lets hope we learn from Guru Sahib and those great Gursikhs who walked the walk and talked the talk.