Sikh Girls Under Attack

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Forward to people, it might help save a naive sister.

Whenever a sister or brother gets converted to any other religion, its not their fault - its ours as a community.

The only reason it happens is because we don't plant the seed of Sikhi within them, th
ey dont learn about their own religion and its greatness so they dont understand what it means to swap it for another.

The Solution?

Learn about your religion through your Guru


Anonymous said...

Educate the girls man

Anonymous said...

its about all of society being aware NOT JUST THE GIRLS

the guys who go round with the khanda badges on their clothes and heads with no kesh are just as bad as those converting to islam - if not worse.

atleast those who adopt islam will actually follow the religion.....

Anonymous said...

Yes that's true, Anonymous, but you don't see Muslim girls going and running off to get married to Sikhs and then completely convert their religion and start wearing bana and dastaars (would be crazy, but does it happen? I've never ever heard of such a situation)... Why is it happening to girls in Punjabi families? Sikh families?

Because the poison is within us and we are extracting it on our daughters...... RISE SINGHNEEO RISE & teach this world what it is to be a Daughter of Guru Gobind Singh Jee, teach the world about Sikhism, and its benefits, teach these girls in Punjabi or Sikh families that they ARE worth so much more than a little bit of lovin' and attention from a Muslim man... It's because of parents, society, and even the way Punjabi / "Sikh" men treat women and girls, like they're just tools for cooking, cleaning, kaam, etc. What kinda girl would want to live a life like that??

Especially if she is promised such a lofty life with a man, be it Muslim or not, who promises her eternal love and blessings from God? All she needed was someone to love her and then he came along, the first one, and she goes with him..

And then bam, we lose another bibi...

Anonymous said...

i think your right
its the families fault :|
guys are made to feel like gods with no work and bibia are made to do everything like they are slaves. atleast slaves get to do what they want in their free time.
i dont mean go clubbing im just talking about equal rights. even going to kirtan programmes is a mission for some bibia. even my own parents said to me i go there for bad company.