Call to Sikh Women Worldwide

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Sri Guru Jee’s writings help us understand the need for Saadh Sangat in the dark age of Kaljug, where the only true support is that of His Name. Kaurs United sevadaars have a dream to become that Saadh Sangat; the support and strength that many Kaurs are searching for.

Our first camp was graced with some very blessed and pure souls, who were able to contribute to every diwaan, langar, and discussion with all of their knowledge, seva bhaavna (intentions) and experiences. Some highlights from our first camp include the craft gift exchange, late-night simran, amrit vela diwaans, impersonal and personal discussions, the sharing of experiences, pains, and pressures, the divine aura of Guru Nanak Parkash Gurdwara Sahib itself, and the Sangat of so many blooming and blessed daughters of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji.

For Kaurs United's 2006 Camp, there will be a multitude of challenging, exciting, and inspiring activities. Campers will attend focused lectures and discussions, as well as participate in an array of physical activities like archery, Gatka, fun on the beach, and so much more! [Read full article]

With the infinite Kirpa of Guru Maharaj, Kaurs United hopes to support, inspire, and unite Sikh women around the globe. Please view the poster below and visit for detailed information. Download THIS form to Register


UK/European women should really make an effort to attend this camp as it gives them a brilliant opportunity to network with the Canadians, possibly even set up similar camps on our side of the Atlantic.

It's important for the global sangat to get behind projects like this to encourage Sikh women, who are often forgotten when it comes to Sikhi in the mainstream, to ensure our future is as prosperous as our past.

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