Merry Christmas from Mother India

Celebrations at churches across the country this Christmas Day will be marked by lit trees and candles, hymns and carols, cakes and cookies. And, in some cases, extra security.
As Christian migrants flock in large numbers from states such as Orissa, Jharkhand, Bihar and Tamil Nadu to urban centres, many are finding it hard to leave behind fears of religious discrimination. At least 200 cases of attacks against Christians for their faith have been reported across the country this year, as per the newly formed Christian Legal Association (CLA).
At Christmas Eve services in Orissa, a mob allegedly led by a leader of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) shot at two Christian children to protest celebrations by a church in the Kandhamal district. “The RSS leader instigated local residents and led a mob of more than 100 people carrying sticks and guns to attack the Christians indiscriminately,” parish priest Rabi Sudhasundar of the Church of Our Lady of Lourdes, told the Indo-Asian News Service.
While such incidents are mainly in smaller towns and villages, the lawyers group notes an increase in cities.
Having a ball: Rev. Vincent Paul with underprivileged children at a community centre in New Delhi. (Ramesh Pathania / Mint)
Having a ball: Rev. Vincent Paul with underprivileged children at a community centre in New Delhi. (Ramesh Pathania / Mint)
In New Delhi, home to an estimated 1.3 million Christians, the minority community has been shaken by at least two incidents  in  recent months.
On the morning of 5 December, at least 100 men entered the Church of Divine Mercy in Pitampura, north Delhi. The men destroyed a generator and machinery, and were overheard shouting, “Church, no church here.” The police are yet to trace the offenders, said a church member who did not want his name mentioned. Police confirmed the incident and said they have dispatched officers on a regular basis to ensure worshippers’ peace.
“There is a general fear among Christians,” says Ivan Moses, a pastor at the Delhi Bible Fellowship. “Although they are celebrating Christmas, it’s not easy.”
On the evening of 28 October, Moses said, four men broke into the Kalyanpuri community hall in east Delhi. A spiritual talk was in progress and about 200 people, including women and children, belonging to several independent church groups, had gathered, when the men started breaking chairs and pelting stones as they yelled: “Jai Shri Ram.”
Moses, who was one of the speakers that evening, says he was slapped four times. A few of the miscreants were arrested after the police arrived. Church members say they were accused of handing out flyers to convert Hindus, but deny the allegations.
They decided not to press formal charges, however, as “we did not want the local pastors to be in trouble,” said Moses. Local police confirmed the incident.

Christians Attacked after Voting for the Wrong Political Party in Gujarat, India print this articlePrint this Article

Christians Attacked by the RSS after Voting for the 'Wrong' Political Party in Gujarat, India

12/24/07 India .- Shortly after campaigning for Hindu fanatic party in the run up to the state legislature election in Gujarat state, Hindu extremists attacked tribal Christians, including a nun, to punish them for supporting the Congress Party.

The attack took place at around 8 p.m. on December 19 in Baidiya village in Vadodara district’s Kawant area while staffs and students of the Don Bosco School and Adivasi Shaishanik Arogya Kendra (Tribal Education and Health Centre) were staging a play on environmental issues for the villagers.

“This is not just an attack on a minority religion, but it is a part of a wider conspiracy to deny human rights and fundamental rights (religious and voting rights) to the Adivasis (tribal or aboriginal people), create division among them, and keep alive the divisive agenda in order to fish in the troubled waters,” Dr. John Dayal, president of the All India Catholic Union, told ICC.

Joseph Monty Rodrigues, the manager of the Don Bosco School described the attack, saying, “As the children were staging the play, one Rathwa Harsingbhai Mansingbhai rushed in and removed the curtain forcefully and hit one of the students of Class IX, Suresh Narubhai Rathwa, on the head.”

Later, another person, identified as Rathwa Pravinbhai, joined Mansingbhai to oppose the play.

Rodrigues gave a first person account in an email message, a copy of which is with ICC.

“They (the miscreants) said the Fathers and Sisters of Don Bosco were supporters of the Congress Party and therefore they must not step into this village. They insulted us and our religion and abused us for being Christians,” said Rodrigues.

At least 500 villagers were watching the play, which was organized by the Christians on an invitation by the village court.

The two miscreants also threatened to burn the Christians alive.

“Apprehending more tensions, we stopped the play at once and packed up our things,” added Rodrigues.

While the Christians were returning, some more people came to attack them.

“We left for Kawant via the Keladra-Pipalda road around 9:30 p.m. While passing from the Sim Segva stream near Keladra, a blue tempo came towards us to knock the motorbike being ridden by our staffs Madubhai Rathwa and Bharsingbhai Rathwa. But, somehow, they managed to escape. The tempo then tried to hit the jeep in which I was sitting.”

There were around 15 people carrying sticks and rods in the tempo. They stopped the vehicles and hit Madubhai Rathwa. Then they dragged the school students out of the other jeep and beat Fr. Damien Sladen, who was accompanying the children. Fr. Sladen was beaten till he fell unconscious.

The tempo was being driven by a person identified as Nangarsing Rathwa.

The miscreants also took away a laptop that was kept in the jeep besides vandalizing the vehicle.

Then the attackers came to the jeep in which Fr. Rodrigues, nun Sr. Manjula, and a few girl students were sitting.

The miscreants held Sr. Manjula’s neck and hand and tried to pull her out. Then they grabbed her scarf and shawl, and pulled her sari (an Indian wrap-around dress for women). They tore her blouse and banged her against the jeep twice and threw her down. They also grabbed her purse and mobile phone, and broke her silver chain.

The attackers also pulled out four girls from the jeep, but Sr. Manjula managed to rescue them and herself, and ran away. In the meantime, even Fr. Rodrigues could escape driving the jeep away.

“I went to the Kawant police station at 11:30 pm and informed the police, who came along with me to the place of the incident, where we found Fr. Damien injured and four girls, and also Sr. Manjula. All of them were crying,” aid Fr. Rodrigues.

The victims were admitted to a hospital.

The police did register a complaint against the attackers, but with initial reluctance.

In the meanwhile, a Hindu extremist sage, Jagat Guru Acharya Narendra Maharaj, led the alleged “reconversion” of around 2,000 tribal (aboriginal) Christians in a function on December 17 in Gujarat state’s Tapi district.

According to The Indian Express Newspaper, the function took place at the Shivaji Grounds area.

The “converts” took an oath and admitted affidavits saying they would not convert to Christianity ever again in the future, said the newspaper.

“Many of the tribal men also cut off their hair and took oaths, while all of them gave thumb impressions on the affidavits saying they have willingly returned to the folds of the Hindu religion,” added the daily.

Christian leaders say such reconversion claims are false, as extremist groups gather poor and illiterate tribal people, who are not Christians in the first place, and portray the rally as a reconversion function.

According to media reports, groups associated with the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), the parent organization of numerous Hindu extremist groups and the chief persecutor of Christians in India, sought votes for the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) chief minister, Narendra Modi, to strengthen “Hindu forces” in the state. The BJP is a Hindu nationalist party and political wing of the RSS. (See ICC report dated December 18, “Indian Party Promises to Persecute Christians in order to Gain Votes.)

The assembly polls to the 182-member assembly in Gujarat concluded on December 16. The counting of the votes will begin on December 23.

“It looks as if they (RSS) want to create terror and communal tension before the vote counting and during the Christmas celebrations. The rumors are that the BJP is preparing to create trouble for Christians during the Christmas and this is just the beginning,” added Dayal.

Attack on churches
Attempt to terrorise a whole community

WHILE the people the world over were celebrating Christmas on December 25, the Christians in Orissa’s Kandhamal district were at the receiving end with alleged activists of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad destroying church after church. In the mindless violence unleashed on the community, one person was killed and several were injured. The attack was ostensibly to retaliate against the alleged manhandling of a VHP leader. That the VHP chose to convert some Christians to Hinduism on that day bears out that the whole purpose was to foment trouble. Orissa is one state where the so-called Freedom of Religion law is in force which makes it obligatory for the organisers of such conversion ceremonies to follow certain procedures. That the VHP has been paying scant regard for such a law on the specious plea that what it organises is not conversion but “home-coming”.

Despite all the potential for mischief, the district authorities failed to take any preemptive action. What’s more, they could not even protect the house of a minister from the communally surcharged lot. It is not the first time that Orissa has witnessed religious tension. The burning of Australian missionary Graham Staines and his two minor sons was preceded by several incidents of attack on the minorities in the name of protest against cow slaughter and religious conversion. It is the kid-glove treatment those behind such violent campaigns received that emboldened them to burn the missionary who was tending to the leprosy patients in one of the most backward areas of Orissa. There are feudal and pseudo-political forces that do not want the poor to get educated and know their legal and democratic rights for fear it would upset the caste-based social system.

The Orissa government is duty-bound to take stringent action against all those who desecrated the churches. It should also go after those who “attacked” the VHP leader and bring them to book. No excuse is good enough to terrorise a whole community. In fact, any leniency shown will be construed as a failure of the state to protect not just the life and property of the people but also their right to preach and practise their religious beliefs. What the Orissa government does in Kandhamal district will show how committed it is to uphold the rule of law and the religious rights of the people.

Poem - The State of Our Nation.

Now this is a message, to all you young and old
A story everyone knows, yet it's never been told
The state of my nation, today, is a shame
I'm here to let you know, the rules to this game
Before I begin, I'll apologize to you
You don't want to hear the truth but that's how we do.

We call ourselves children of the King of Perfection
Have you ever looked ahead, at your own reflection?
How far have you taken your Amrit, Singh?
Do you know what it means, to represent the True King?

Your blue bana blows, as you walk with a limp
Your nice kirpan and clean dastar, callin' yourself a "pimp"
You don't even know the name of Guru Nanak's Father,
You'd rather check out all the Singhnees and tell them to holler

You walk into the scene thinking you're so great,
You never do your nitnem, but hey, that can wait...
You want to make sure everyone thinks you're hot
You want to show all the sangat the respect you've got

Guru Gobind Singh, Mata Sahib Kaur, yeah they'll forgive me,
You say, oblivious, to their great Kurbani
You think it's all good if you look the part,
You yourself don't realize, you'll have to depart

Where'd your Bani go, your simran and sweetness?
Did you lose it all in the pleasures of fake, false bliss?
You dress up in Bana as if God is a game
You're getting jealous of other Singhs and you forgot The Name!!

You have rivalry with x,y, and z Singh,
There is even a girl with which you have a fling!!
Have you forgot where you're from, Sri KesGarh Sahib?
Did you forget our Shaheed's blood at Sri Amritsar Sahib?

Do you realize the great bhagti of Baba Deep Singh ji?
Of Mata Bhag Kaur, and dear Bhai Mani Singh ji?
They took their Amrit straight to Sach Khand, and proved, it's true
This Amrit can make lions, of weaklings like you

Now tell me about your Amrit, where did you take it?
You're living in a lie, but to your Guru, don't fake it
You should be seeing every girl like a sister or mother,
But you've told em "hey baby, don't call me your brother"

It's a SHAME to the name, and the fame of Sikhi,
Where'd you take your Amrit and where should you be?
You look down on people who cut their hair,
But you have no Sikhi inside, so how would you compare?

Now listen, Sikh girls, you aint any less,
Your desire's can't be hid beneath a nice Khalsa dress
Your Bana, kirpan, hair, sure, it gives you grace,
But you hide and bleach all the hair on your face...

I know it's hard, sister, to be this strong
But you have every excuse to do what's wrong
You hide under your graceful shawl and suit,
Walkin in the Gurdwara, thinkin "Hey, that Singh's cute"

What has become, of the Khalsa glory, dear Kaur
Without your Amritvela, you've just lost your core,
And even those who have Amritvela and Bana - whoa!!
Are still caught in slandering every girl they know

You should be a leader, ambassador of Truth
But you're wrapped in the false beauty of youth
You want to prove to everyone that you're better than them,
You're holding on to rocks, letting go of the gem

Forget Gurbani, and nitnem, and showerin' and prayers
We wanna get guys and girls, we wanna live like players
We look so hot in our Bana, our 9'inch Kirpans and Pughs
Forget Singh Shaheeds, our role models are Thugs

We enter the Gurdwara, and we swear and do ninda,
But we don't ever forget to wear t-shirts of Sukha & Jinda!!
Yeah, sure, parade Sant Jarnail Singh ji's face on your shirt,
Without learning his legacy, and keepin' your mind in the dirt

Why do we pretend to understand our Guru's grace?
We've taken our Amrit into the dirt, black is our face
And the saddest thing about this is it's 100% true
And unfortunately, I'm in the same spot as you.

- Anonymous

Temporary Victory for Laibar Singh




He is in a gurdwara in Vancouver. More than 1000 supporters showed up today and would not allow him to be taken from the car to the airplane. Shouts of Je Bole So Nihal! Sat Sri Akal! reverberated through the electrified air as the Army of Guru Gobind Singh Ji refused to allow our brother to be hijacked by Canada's Tory government. Now we have him. He will never be turned over to the Canadian government under any conditions now! I'll post an updated report after the six o'clock news, that will be in about three or three and one-half hours.


(For those who might not know, here is a good discussion of the meaning of Jaikara, our 'War Cry. I am going to reprint part of this on sometimes - 2, since most of my readers there are not Sikh.)

Here is a link to the news report from Vancouver CBC News at noon:

VIDEO: Raw footage of protest against deportation of Laibar Singh at Vancouver airport (Runs 2:49)

Deportation protesters snarl traffic at Vancouver airport

More than 1,000 people blocked traffic at Vancouver International Airport's departures terminal Monday morning, in an effort to stop the Canadian government from deporting paralyzed refugee claimant Laibar Singh from Vancouver to India.

More than 1,000 protesters at Vancouver International Airport's departure terminal attempted to block the deportation of Laibar Singh on Monday.
The federal government granted Laibar Singh a 60-day stay of the deportation order on Aug. 19, the day before he was expected to be deported. His deportation was later scheduled for 10:30 a.m. PT Monday at Vancouver airport.

Singh came to Canada in 2003 on a forged passport, but suffered a massive stroke three years later that left him a quadriplegic and unable to care for himself.

He has since argued that he will die if he is deported to India because he won't be able to get proper medical treatment.

Singh initially sought refugee status in 2003 on the grounds that he would be persecuted by police in Punjab, where officials have accused him of links to separatist militants, but his refugee claim was denied that year.

His appeals to stay in Canada were turned down by immigration officials, who ruled Singh couldn't remain because he doesn't have adequate community ties.

Laibar Singh came to Canada in 2003 on a forged passport and suffered a massive stroke last year that left him a quadriplegic.
That's something his supporter, Harsha Walia, of the refugee rights group No One Is Illegal, said is outrageous, based on the support the community has already shown for him.

Walia said 40,000 people have signed a petition urging Ottawa to allow Singh to stay in the country on humanitarian grounds.

Singh has avoided deportation twice already.

He was first scheduled to be deported on July 8, 2007, but sought sanctuary at the Kalgidhar Darbar Sahib Society temple in Abbotsford instead.

The Canada Border Services Agency then arrested Singh on Aug. 13 at an Abbotsford, B.C., hospital, after he left the Sikh temple to seek medical attention.

With files from the Canadian Press

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Emergency Rally for Laibar Singh [Surrey, Canada]


Saturday, December 8th at 2:00PM
there will be a Rally and Campaign
happening at

13450 102nd Avenue

Surrey, BC
(Citizenship Office)






Please read it, and please forward it immediately.

Please attend the rally on Saturday.

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki

People need to know that the Laibar Singh is being deported on Monday December 10th. The Immigration officers came today and gave him the letter stating he must be at the Vancouver Airport by 11:30am. Laibar Singh Uncle Ji came and got sanctuary at Kalgidhar Darbar in Abbotsford. The Sangat has been wonderful and has been helping Mr. Singh financially as well as emotionally. Day in and day out he has people coming and visiting him, offering him words of encouragement and enlightment. He is a wonderful being.

Today all he did was cry, he's afraid of what's to come. The fact is even if Mr. Singh goes back to India, do you really think there is going to be the same amount of progress as he's making now (from where he was before and where he is physically now) - its astonishing. He can tell the difference between hot and cold, before he couldn't! Before he didn't even know when he was urinating or anything), will he get the one-to-one care he deserves?

Even if people flood the man with donations, who is going to handle the money out there? If we get him into a private hospital, how are we going to manage and trust the people that will be taking care of him? My brain is flooded with questions. I honestly think the best care Uncle Ji will get is RIGHT HERE. He has so many doctors that give him unlimited attention, he has his amazing caregivers, he has Guru Ji's Sangat.

There are many people that don't know the entire story. Yes he came here with a fake passport or whatever -but so many people have done this is in the past and continue to do so in order to seek refuge from persecution.

Mr Singh is a paralysed man, hoping to get better, he's wanting to stay until he gets well and is able to at least sit up and his doctors are saying that it is more then possible for him. We could have easily taken this whole situation out of the public and done it underground, but we didn't! Why don't they realise this? Also there have been a couple of cases in the past where people took santuary in Churches and were given status.

If you read online or in the papers, people have horrible comments about Mr. Singh. Basically they base there judgements on what they hear. They blindfold themselves and their hearts and don't realise what's really going on. They complain about tax money -- do they even know how many people have made contributions to Mr. Singh's treatment that wasn't taken from tax money?

You know the Sikh Community has never had a case like this, its so unique and with the amount of supporters Mr. Singh has its a shame to see that the Government is not recognising or realising this. Please, please Guru Pyari Sadh Sangat Ji come help, come support.

Tomorrow, Friday December 7th there is going to be a Press Conference at 4:30PM for the Media happening at (Building #) 300 West Georgia Street

Saturday, December 8th at 2:00PM there will be a Rally and Campaign happening at 13450 102nd Avenue Surrey at the Citizenship Office

If you have any questions or comments please contact Harjap 778-552-2099 or Ninder 778-808-9551

Thank you sooo much!
Kaur Gill"


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