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I've been uploading many of the videos from various websites onto one site for ease of access for the sangat over the past month:

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This will be gradually updated as time goes on.

** If I have made any errors in not crediting somebody for creating or designing a video please email me and I will edit the video information. **

Also if you know of any other videos that may benefit the global sangat please upload yourself or send the information to me.


Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work Ji :-)

Anonymous said...

Y is it for all the and videos you always stick on, but for the videos from you never stick down or

Is something wrong with you?

Confused Khalsa said...

When adding the site:

to the item description it wasnt to give credit to the site, it was so that people on who are more likely to be random people off the street and not Sikhs could get some background knowledge on Operation Bluestar itself - which is explained on the front page of said site.

They are more likely to read a website, if at all, than an essay style description.

Apologies for the confusion.

Khalsa Force Network said...

Waheguru jee ka khalsa
waheguru jee ki fateh

Khalsa jee upload as many video u can so the people will know. dont worry about who to give credit to or not. dont need credit we are doin seva and its all sangats and it all belongs o the sangat.

pula chuka maaf.
keep it up brother. :)