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Sikh Temple, Leeds funds Anti-Sikh Activities

Over the recent years a trend of Gurdwara affiliated community centres have been springing up in the UK where alcohol and meat are openly provided. These community centres have been given names such as Sikh Centre or Maharaja Jassa Singh Ramgarhia Centre.

However the primary use of these centres is to provide social function halls that can be hired for parties and receptions openly allowing the consumption of intoxicants and meat within Gurdwara boundaries.

Sri Akal Takht Sahib Ji has voiced their concerns about this abuse towards Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji and Sikh Principles in a "Sandesh" issued in April 2006. This Sandesh strongly reinforces Sikh Rehit Maryada where Gurdwaras are being exploited:

• Any form of intoxicants (alcohol, drugs etc) and preparation or consumption of foods such as meat, fish and eggs are not permitted on Gurdwara property

• Buildings bought or constructed using the Daswand (one tenth of earnings) of the Sikh Sangat or Gurdwara donations are solely to be used for Gurmat purposes and the betterment of society

This video highlights the blatant misuse of Gurdwara property. In order to provide services to the community, the Sikh Temple Chapeltown, Leeds Prabhandak Committee are allowing cardinal sins like smoking next to the diwan and alcohol and meat consumption on Gurdwara premises. This is just one example of many Gurdwaras who are exploiting Guruji's properties in order to make money.

Sangat Ji, together we must stop this madness and these Massands (so-called Sikhs whose prime aim is destroying the Sikh Religion from within). Gurdwaras are not a business with a singular aim of making profit. Gurdwaras are where Sikh Principles are implemented and maintained rather than manipulated or exploited. It is the duty of all Gurdwara Committees to adhere to Sikh Rehit Maryada for the betterment of Sikhism in UK. The alternative would lead to increasing erosion of Sikh values, erosion of respect for Gurbani and erosion of Sikhi as a religion in the UK so we should act now to prevent further degradation of Gurmat and Sikh Principles.

It is the duty of every Sikh who respects the sanctuary of a Gurdwara to voice their concerns about these Party Halls. Sadh Sangat Ji, wake up and stop your home from being destroyed! We should literally treat Gurudwaras as the doorway to Waheguru Himself and actively get involved to ensure they are a beacon of Sikhi in practice. We cannot allow our own home to be degraded in this way and must take a stand on this issue first and foremost.

The BBC and media often interview members of the Gurdwara for information regarding Sikhi such as on:

so it is especially sad to see the Leeds Prabhandak Committee setting such a poor example for the Sikh community and the next generation of young Sikhs. Please contact the Gurudwara and local sangat you know in leeds so that we can collectively work towards ending this Beadbi:

The Sikh Temple,
192 Chapeltown Road,
0113 2374287
0113 2629073

Rather comically I found this online: "Detailed information about THE SIKH TEMPLE

This is the oldest running Gurdwara(now in the newly purpose built modern buildingin year2000)in Leeds since 1964,and is one of the earliest organisations.It is run by all 27 Amritdhari members."


More details to follow......

How Can We Forget?

On 22nd Anniversary of your attack on my Nation

Pre - 1984

I was merely a little girl then,
I lived far away from Punjab
I read the biased news about my people in your papers
I grew up believing we were wrong.

In your text books O India
Sikhi was just another stream off your Noble Heritage
Gone astray by militant philosophy of the tenth Guru
And in present times it did not make sense.

We grew up being ridiculed
By teachers, playmates and street goers
fighting prejudice everyday
And being ashamed of our own selves.

My parents were busy making ends meet
They were the children of the 1947 displacement
They had no time for sharing Sikh life and pride
They lost it somewhere with all the socio-economic strife.

So I grew up confused without an identity
With you telling how you did a favor on us refugees
I did not know about Sikh history and heritage
And its contribution to your freedom, power and existence.

But, we had a Sufi [1] worker at our business
He was so spiritual and had a sense of wisdom
I always found him longing to touch the feet of Guru’s Sikhs
He always told me that Gur-Sikhi Jeevan[2] commanded utmost reverence.

His words ignited a spark in my soul somewhere
The truth had to be found
My parents had given me wings
It was time to dig the roots in the ground.

Then came 1984

The news about several innocents being killed
In busses and trains of Punjab
Why did I know were setups and propaganda,
To create a context for BlueStar[3].

When you stormed Harimander[4]
Hot month of June it was
Sangat[5] in tens of thousands had come to pay reverence
To the great Guru Arjan Shaheeda-de-Sirtaaj[6].

In pretext to disarm a few dozen men
You brought tanks, rocket launchers, heavy artillery and cannons
You entrapped thousands and cut off their supplies
And used poisonous gas to consume those innocents.

You killed uncountable mothers, fathers and children
After you parched them with thirst,
You filled the sarovar[7] with the blood of thousands
And tried to patch up your acts by mass cremations.

When Lion Bhindrawale[8] was declared found
With hundreds of GurSikhs around
Something had ached my heart
For you it was the beginning of the end; for me it was just a start.

Then came fake encounters[9]
I suspected things were not how they were shown
But just a teenager I was
With no access to the truth or cries
of bereaving mothers in Punjab.

But You know what O cruel Brahmanvaad[10]
The ties of Guru’s Kaum are very strong
Generations away from Guru’s land
But my blood and soul was always a Punjab.

Then 30th of October came
Satwant & Beant[11] had done their share.
You decided to teach 18 million of us another lesson
And issued the orders of Sikh massacre.

Our house was set afire and a few relatives blazed,
Rape, torture and death we had barely escaped.
With days of hiding, uncertainty and gloom ahead
The spirit was still Guru’s; it couldn’t be scared.

When the sad news poured in from all directions,
O India you had opened our eyes to the Sikhi connection.
We were connected, we were made one;
Punjab or outside any place in the world.
That awakening had finally taken place
That feeling was invaluable, that discovery priceless.

As you unveiled your centuries’ long hatred
And unleashed your long held wrath!
It was a blessing in disguise, I’ll tell you
And finally everything had made sense.

It was our identity you loathed
It was our sovereignty and strength that you despised
It was our magnanimity that you thrived on
It was our subjugated loyalty that you desired.

When those fearless souls revealed the truth
And masses pledged to stand up for their nation
You feared losing your strength and position
And planned this brutal retaliation.

The spark had turned into a flame
To be a Sikh was no longer a shame
I knew we were not one of you
And standing up for equality, liberty and justice would never please you.

You finally dug your own grave
Your cover-ups and false promises will bear no fruits
My parents had given me the wings
But Thank You India; You put me in touch with my roots.

June, 2006

I am a parent of a pre teen now
And the flame is a full grown fire
That fire; it also burns in his heart
And that to you is the start of my 1984’s answer.

The fire now burns with full vigor
It will consume me lest I take an action
Hence I will not sit quiet
I pledge to turn it into a revolution.

I brought him up telling stories about his heritage
About your betrayal, your intentions and your treacheries
I am not alone; thousands of Mothers there are
That dedicated their lives to this purpose.

I will not let him down; in grounding him to his roots.
Not one day has passed since he was born
That I didn’t tell him a story of Sikh pride
Of Khalsa Nation and its sacrifice.

This is my revenge O India
I will never forget and forgive you
I will raise many such more daughters and sons
They will never let your cruel intentions come true.

They will walk tall; They will be in your face
Proving we survived against all odds
They will not demolish themselves ashamed by your lies
But will stand eternally in Guru’s grace.

We will be a strong Nation, We will be sovereign
You cannot stop us, The game has just begin.
For you see,
We are the people of our own destiny, of spirit and of freedom
We have wings we roam everywhere,
We also have roots in truth and perfection.
We have roots only in truth and perfection.

[1] Follower of a mystic sect of Islam
[2] Living the life completely in tune with the Guru’s teachings
[3] Name of the 3 day long Army Operation conducted by Indian Govt. Harimander Sahib (AKA Golden Temple) and 37 other Sikh shrines were attacked by modern artillery; thousands of innocents were killed
[4] Temple of the Divine: Commonly known as Golden Temple the most revered Sikh Center of worship established in 16th Century where tens of thousands of devotees worship everyday
[5] Congregation / Worshippers
[6] The fifth Guru of Sikhs – Martyred by Mughal Emperor of India - Jahangir for exercising and propagating freedom of religion and beliefs
[7] The Pool surrounding Harimander Sahib
[8] Sant Jarnail Singh Khalsa (Bhindrawale) – Revered Leaders of the Sikhs who instilled pride in Sikhs and called f or action towards injustice and oppression
[9] Sikh Youth was rounded up and killed all over in Punjab in well disguised and so called terrorist encounters for 10 years post BlueStar. Missing Sikh Youth Estimates exceed 250,000
[10] Philosophy of Supremacy of the ruling Brahman class
[11] Satwant Singh and Beant Singh – Avenged the attack on Harimander Sahib and killing of uncountable innocent Sikhs by killing Indira Gandhi the Prime Minister of India who masterminded the attack.

BC Sikhs Act Now, or Regret Later

Vaheguru ji ka khalsa, Vaheguru ji ki fatheh ! _/\_

Please show your support for the Sikh youth of BC -
who are working as a collective
to avoid an election and
persuade the challenging anti-panthic committee to give the
responsibility of management at Gurdwara Sahib Sukh Sagar to the youth.

Please go to Gurdwara Sahib Sukh Sagar, Wood Street, Queensborough (New Westminster)


Sevadaars will be there 10am to 8pm to register you as a voter.
You must bring a valid photo ID with your current address, such as a Driver's License.

and guarantee that we do not lose this opportunity to give this seva to the SIKH YOUTH.

This could be the first Youth-Managed Gurdwara Sahib in North America.

Vaheguru ji ka khalsa, Vaheguru ji ki fatheh ! _/\_

- Gurdwara Sahib Sukh Sagar in New Westminster has been the center of an awful political battle over the past few years, involving a court case and a looming election.

- The challenging committee wants to take ownership of the gurdwara, but their ideals are AGAINST the hukams of Guru Khalsa Panth from Sri Akaal Takhat Sahib.

- All of the gurdwara committees in BC got together and had emergency meetings about this issue. The youth took an active and front role in these meetings. All of the panthic gurdwaras have agreed to SUPPORT the youth in their effort to prevent a takeover of the Gurdwara Sahib Sukh Sagar.

- The Sikh youth of BC - all groups of Sikhs from different jathas, organizations, etc. are working together to prevent an election, and to give the committee seva to Sikh youth through a collective sangat approach.

- If the Sikh youth had seva of managing this Gurdwara, it would be a TURNING POINT in the BC Sikh community, because it would be the FIRST YOUTH-RUN GURDWARA.

- The youth would have a fresher, open-minded outlook and would conduct the committee operations with an inclusive, gurmat-oriented, panthic, and responsible approach.

- There would be more english kathas, more youth keertans and special programs.

- Sikh organizations would have more flexibility to use Gurdwara Sahib Sukh Sagar for camps, retreats, workshops, seminars, etc.

- If all of the Sikh community - YOU - get your family, friends, relatives to register as voters in the election in support of the panthic Sikh youth, the challenging anti-panthic committee would see no reason for having an election and would compromise with the Sikh youth.

- Then all of the involved parties could work together as a sangat and select a youth committee with responsible, hard-working, mature, and gurmat-oriented representatives to do seva for the community in managing the Gurdwara Sahib.

- The youth commitee members can still be selected. If you know of a person with seva-bhavna who is gurmat-focused and committed to the Khalsa Panth, please attend the program tomorrow and give their contact information.

- Gurdwara Sahib Sukh Sagar is a home to the community, the court of the Guru, and also a SIKH HERITAGE SITE with roots in the Sikh community since the early 1900's. Countless ragi jathas, parcharaks, and shaheeds have attended the gurdwara sahib, and countless sangataa have attended camps, punjabi classes, keertan / tabla classes, smagams, akhand keertan programs, simran programs, anand kaarajs, shabad chaunkis, and akhand paaths at this gurdwara. It has been a part of our community for MANY DECADES - and it would be unthinkable and very sad for us to give up this opportunity.

- We are always complaining about gurdwara committees being irresponsible, unresponsive, not caring, self-absorbed, etc. but if we get involved now, we can give the full responsibility of this gurdwara sahib to the Sikh youth and show how the SANGAT with GURU JI'S KIRPA and GURU JI'S MARYADA can run the gurdwara.

For more information and updates please visit:

Beadbi in Watford Prevented by Sikh Community

Over a period of 2 months members of the British Sikh Community have been in discussion with the a group of so-called “Sikh” individuals from Watford who hold monthly diwans (Sikh religious gathering) at the Multi Racial Community Centre Hall in Watford. After numerous meetings with the Community Centre, Hertfordshire Police and Commission for Racial Equality (Hertfordshire), a small faction of this group of individuals were still adamant to proceed with taking Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji (Sikh Holy Religious Scriptures revered as the embodiment of God) to the Community Centre.

As per the Hukumnama (Order) of Sri Akal Takht Sahib (Sikh Seat of Sovereignty in Punjab, India) Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji cannot be taken to environments where alcohol, meat and tobacco are served and consumed. These individuals refused to work towards having the diwan at Sri Guru Singh Sabha Gurdwara, Watford (local Sikh Temple) for the reasons that they wanted to run the Sikh Gurdwara in Watford but were not voted in as Committee members. Pictured is one of the individuals that supported the Beadbi in Watford.

On 31 July 2006 over 80 Sikhs from around the United Kingdom gathered to peacefully protest at the Multi-Racial Community Centre, Watford and prevent the Saroop of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji from being taken into the complex.

After offering prayers at the Sri Guru Singh Sabha Gurdwara, Watford, the Sangat (Sikh Congregation) proceeded towards the Multi-Racial Community Centre. The Sangat continued attempts to persuade the faction of the “Sikh” individuals at MRCC committee to adhere to Sikh Rehit Maryada (Sikh Code of Conduct) and re-arrange the diwan to the local Gurdwara.

Unknowingly to the Sikh Congregation who had gathered to peacefully protest, the Saroop (embodiment) of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji was in a metal suitcase placed on the front seat of a car that was parked on the road opposite the Community Centre. This was deeply offensive, deceitful and extremely distressing not to mention one of the most disrespectful acts that could be carried out in the Sikh faith, as Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji is never transported in a suitcase as a mere “object” of the Sikh Religion. Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji is the eternal Guru of the Sikhs.

Once the gathered Sikh congregation became aware of this extremely hurtful and upsetting act, the shocked congregation sat around the car reciting prayers for over an hour. In that time the culprits who had carried out one of the most insulting acts in the Sikh religion could not come out of the car.

Present at this protest was Hertfordshire Police and representatives of Commission of Racial Equality (Hertfordshire). They all gave in to the conviction of the gathered Sikh congregation and agreed to their demand that five Sikhs will take the Saroop of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji to Watford Gurdwara and the diwan will not take place in the MMRC.

Sri Guru Granth Sahib was respectfully removed from the suitcase and re-clothed. Prayers were performed and the Sikh Congregation asked for forgiveness for any wrongdoing. The Saroop was respectfully taken to the Sachkhand (resting place for Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji) of Watford Gurdwara.

Further resolve was achieved when the “Sikh” individuals at MRCC committee verbally promised, in the presence of the Police and CRE representatives that this diwan, and therefore any other insulting act that would offend Sikhs, will never take place again in Watford. Also a young member representing this committee attended Watford Gurdwara after the incident and apologised for their behaviour and re-iterated that the diwan will never take place again. However, the resolve by Police and CRE intermediaries included a written statement promised from the individuals that diwan will not take place. The individuals must produce this documentation to give confidence that any disrespect towards Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji and offence to the British Sikh community will not happen again.

The British Sikh Community will not allow individuals to exploit the Sikh Religion as a means of settling personal conflicts. Once again, the British Sikh Community has shown their love for their father Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. The elders and youth who were present on the protest conducted themselves as true Khalsa and upheld the ideals of the Sikh Religion. With Guruji’s blessings the British Sikh Community continues to uphold respect for Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji.

An SSNews sewadar captured the moment when the Saroop of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Maharaj was retrieved from the disrespect of the suitcase after which the King of Kings was taken to the Sachkhand (resting place for Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji) of Watford Gurdwara:

Local News Report - Click Here

Sikh cremation is example of multicultural mess

13th July 2006

News article filed by BNP news team from the BNP Website

The Sikh community has demonstrated considerable loyalty to the British people throughout the last two hundred years, both at home and abroad in the former Empire and Commonwealth. There are hundreds of graves in Flanders bearing the names of Sikh soldiers who, buried alongside men from Dorset and Dundee, made the ultimate sacrifice in defence of this realm, its ancient traditions and values and its people. There are scores of Sikh recipients of the Victoria Cross, the the highest and most prestigious award for gallantry in the face of the enemy that can be awarded to British and Commonwealth forces.

While their colourful headgear may seem strange and exotic to most indigenous Britons, Sikhs have, beyond the issue of motorcycle crash helmets and more controversially the issue of carrying kirpans (ceremonial knives) asked for few concessions to their religious needs. They are a noble and honourable people with, when needed, a sense of martial valour, as well as demonstrating strong family values and a robust work ethic which ensures that few Sikhs allow themselves to degenerate to drug or alcohol abuse, abject poverty, domestic violence and the many other ills plaguing modern society.

The BNP has consciously forged close links with members of Britain’s Sikh community over the past five or six years. These approaches have been reciprocated to the extent that community spokesman Rajinder Singh was present in Leeds Crown Court earlier this year to act as a defence witness for the Free Speech Two; a courageous and noble act which is testimony to the response of Sikhs when they hear about repression and persecution of the underdog.

Funeral pyre

It is therefore with a sense of sadness rather than condemnation that we learn of a decision by Northumbria Police who are to investigate the first British religious funeral pyre in modern times.

Its organiser Davender Ghai had claimed Northumbria Police chief Mike Craik had given his "blessing" before the secret service, despite it apparently breaking cremation laws.

Rajpal Mehat, a 31-year-old Indian-born Sikh, drowned in a canal in Southall, west London, in December last year, and the authorities would not allow his remains to be flown back to his native country.

Instead, his family asked Mr. Ghai, the president of the Newcastle-based Anglo-Asian Friendship Society (AAFS) to help them and he led the private ceremony in a remote Northumberland field.

He helped police trace Mr. Mehat's family and is also a leading campaigner for British funeral pyres, who claims the 1930 Cremation Act does not forbid bodies to be burned in the open air.

In a statement Northumbria Police said it was alerted "of an illegal cremation at a secret location somewhere in the force area".

Officers were dispatched to the AAFS's base in Gosforth and spoke to Mr. Ghai, who was with a group of mourners ready to set off.

When they were shown the relevant coroner's documents, and after a call to their superiors, officers allowed the funeral cars to proceed. It is understood officers did not follow the cars to Stamfordham, Northumberland, where the private ceremony took place.


A spokesman for the Department of Constitutional Affairs said: "The plain fact is that any funeral pyre is illegal and to burn human remains in the open air is against the law. "The 1930 Cremation Act prohibits the cremation of human remains anywhere except in a crematorium."

There are sound environmental and health and safety issues for such a law and British laws should be obeyed by indigenous Britons and newcomers alike, and of course in our overcrowded island open air cremations cannot be held unlawfully which might open up a flood of similar activities making life unbearable for those who happen to live in places where the cremations take place.

Sikhs, Hindus and other religious groups, including the growing number of pagans, who choose to cremate their dead should obey the law of the land as it exists or, as we suggest, lobby the government to modify the 1930 Cremation Act so that privately owned land, after due consideration for any environmental impact, be permitted to accommodate a limited number of religious cremations.

All victims

Sikhs are, like the rest of us, victims of an enforced multicultural society where too often the values and wishes of one group conflict directly with those of another and with the long established values, laws and traditions of the indigenous majority. In an ideal world the Sikhs and other ethnic and religious groups would all have a stable homeland of their own where they can practice their own faiths, immerse themselves in their cultures and celebrate their own traditions. That is the essence of the modern nationalism to which we adhere and promote.

A representative for the Sikh community in the north east told the BNP website that he does not expect the police investigation will lead to any prosecution of mourners or relatives of the deceased.

This is such a rare activity in a remote location which has not caused any disturbance, or as far as we know any environmental damage, that we trust the police will drop the case and use their critically over-stretched resources to better effect tackling the growing militant Islamic presence in the area and dealing with the drug barons, the violent criminals and the teenage hoodlums on the housing schemes who make daily life for Tynesiders a misery.


Although Sikhs agree on the whole that what happened wasn't in accordance with
traditional Sikh values, we must be aware of political parties such as the BNP. The only reason they talk so highly of the so called exotic head geared Sikhs is because they are trying to remove the 1.6 million Muslim people before they turn on us.

Although they have 'Sikh representatives' they are in no way actually representative of the people.

Let's open our eyes before we forge a relationship with untrustworthy people, like we did in 1947 with the Indian government.

It's not such a bad mistake if we learn from it...

Sangat victorious over Ek Niwaas

Congratulations to global Sangat regarding the Beadbi that WAS occuring at Ek Niwaas.

It has been confirmed in police presence that Maharaj will no longer be kept at Ek Niwaas and will be handed over to Akal Takht Sahib.

This is just another case where when the Sangat unites, under one flag, with one motive we can change anything.

Dhan Siri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj

Ek Niwaas Update

The latest meeting (Sunday 2nd July, Sedgely Street Gurudwara) was created for the general Sangat to voice their views on Ek Niwaas's latest proposal. They had asked in a previous meeting with police and panthic representatives to build a Gurudwara. They were adamant that they would hold to Gurmat principles and follow the Akaal Takht Maryada.

Yesterdays meeting was therefore called to ask the Sikh Sangat one thing, "is Ek Niwaas allowed to build a Gurudwara Sahib?"

After a short while it was clear that there were two main points being voiced by the Sangat again and again:

Firstly Guru sahib could not be allowed to remain within Ek Niwaas.

This was due to the blatant disregard of Sikh principles with the dancing/idol worship going on within the same building.

Secondly, it was unanimously agreed that Ek Niwaas would not be allowed to build a Gurudwara Sahib.

This was because if the people building it are not Sikhs, it would essentially be a money making scheme. If the basic Gursikh principles we're not being followed by these people in everyday life then how can the Sikh panth grow?

One of the major events that happen at Gurudwara's are of course Amrit Sanchaars (initiation into the Sikh faith). How can this happen if the people at the Gurudwara Sahib don’t adhere to the basic Sikh ideals?

Further meetings are being arranged.

It is essential at this point to remind the youth that it is extremely important not to act thoughtlessly. There is no need to send death threats, graffiti Ek Niwaas or use violence.

This process is ofcourse a long one, but it is fair and right according to the countries laws that we live within. Gurmat law is higher; however we should wait for the police/courts to facilitate talks with our elders before giving the Sikh community a bad name by doing something we may regret over time.