Ek Niwaas Update

The latest meeting (Sunday 2nd July, Sedgely Street Gurudwara) was created for the general Sangat to voice their views on Ek Niwaas's latest proposal. They had asked in a previous meeting with police and panthic representatives to build a Gurudwara. They were adamant that they would hold to Gurmat principles and follow the Akaal Takht Maryada.

Yesterdays meeting was therefore called to ask the Sikh Sangat one thing, "is Ek Niwaas allowed to build a Gurudwara Sahib?"

After a short while it was clear that there were two main points being voiced by the Sangat again and again:

Firstly Guru sahib could not be allowed to remain within Ek Niwaas.

This was due to the blatant disregard of Sikh principles with the dancing/idol worship going on within the same building.

Secondly, it was unanimously agreed that Ek Niwaas would not be allowed to build a Gurudwara Sahib.

This was because if the people building it are not Sikhs, it would essentially be a money making scheme. If the basic Gursikh principles we're not being followed by these people in everyday life then how can the Sikh panth grow?

One of the major events that happen at Gurudwara's are of course Amrit Sanchaars (initiation into the Sikh faith). How can this happen if the people at the Gurudwara Sahib don’t adhere to the basic Sikh ideals?

Further meetings are being arranged.

It is essential at this point to remind the youth that it is extremely important not to act thoughtlessly. There is no need to send death threats, graffiti Ek Niwaas or use violence.

This process is ofcourse a long one, but it is fair and right according to the countries laws that we live within. Gurmat law is higher; however we should wait for the police/courts to facilitate talks with our elders before giving the Sikh community a bad name by doing something we may regret over time.


kaur said...

I just hope that something is resolved very quickly as in the police intervening or a peaceful solution being proposed, so that Maharaj can be taken out of there and we can end this beadbi. Even if we should not have Maharaaj ji there, we've got to come up with an effective, safe, peaceful solution to making this a reality

Anonymous said...

mistake singh ji can you be my friend jio we can drink lemonade and discuss panthic issues jio i swear!