"Sikh" implores Britons to stand strong against Islam

24th February 2006

News article filed by BNP news team

The BNP has consciously forged close links with members of Britain’s Sikh community over the past five or six years. These approaches have been reciprocated to the extent that community spokesman Rajinder Singh was present in Leeds Crown Court earlier this year to act as a defence witness for the Free Speech Two; a courageous and noble act which is testimony to the response of Sikhs when they hear about repression and persecution of the underdog.

BNPtv presenter Emma Chamberlain interviews Mr. Singh in a 15 min video presentation filmed in central London. Mr. Singh talks about his family history, the Partition of India which is why so many Sikhs arrived in Britain and the positive contribution made by Sikhs during two world wars last century and their role in modern Britain as industrious, peaceful and law abiding guests.

His passionate call for the British majority to act in a strong and virile manner in dealing with the threat posed by the presence of militant Islamists will strike a chord with most viewers.

Another first for BNPtv which can be seen here.


I don't find it suprising that the Sikh spokesman doesnt follow the basic tenets of Sikhism (keeping uncut hair), what I do find surprising is that it seems like he is reading from a BNP created script. There is alot of hate in the uncles mind, and is almost as anti-islam as they are.

I'm not sure if I like being portrayed by this spokesperson as someone who hates islam due to grievances in the past, it seems crazy to condemn a whole nation of people because of actions of so few.

Yet it happens.

I suppose this is a wakeup call to us all, we will be judged by the actions of the few - so we really have to make sure the image of Sikhi is not tarnished by our own actions.


The Guerilla said...

I seen that video on the BNP site, that man looks like he's just put a turban on his head and said he's sikh, he doesn't look sikh at all, i could be wrong!

ss said...

This guy is a joke. He doesnt even normally wear a turban and he's donned a "turban" for this sordid little promo.

Please ignore him for the idiot he is.

Please see


satvinder said...

"Divide and rule" motto at work again.

Manvir Singh Khalsa said...

Sat Naam. Waheguru Sambat Bakshe Uncle jee nu.


Discovering Sikhi said...

intresting video I saw this on www.DiscoverSikhi.com

the guys a nut