Sikh Temple, Leeds funds Anti-Sikh Activities

Over the recent years a trend of Gurdwara affiliated community centres have been springing up in the UK where alcohol and meat are openly provided. These community centres have been given names such as Sikh Centre or Maharaja Jassa Singh Ramgarhia Centre.

However the primary use of these centres is to provide social function halls that can be hired for parties and receptions openly allowing the consumption of intoxicants and meat within Gurdwara boundaries.

Sri Akal Takht Sahib Ji has voiced their concerns about this abuse towards Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji and Sikh Principles in a "Sandesh" issued in April 2006. This Sandesh strongly reinforces Sikh Rehit Maryada where Gurdwaras are being exploited:

• Any form of intoxicants (alcohol, drugs etc) and preparation or consumption of foods such as meat, fish and eggs are not permitted on Gurdwara property

• Buildings bought or constructed using the Daswand (one tenth of earnings) of the Sikh Sangat or Gurdwara donations are solely to be used for Gurmat purposes and the betterment of society

This video highlights the blatant misuse of Gurdwara property. In order to provide services to the community, the Sikh Temple Chapeltown, Leeds Prabhandak Committee are allowing cardinal sins like smoking next to the diwan and alcohol and meat consumption on Gurdwara premises. This is just one example of many Gurdwaras who are exploiting Guruji's properties in order to make money.

Sangat Ji, together we must stop this madness and these Massands (so-called Sikhs whose prime aim is destroying the Sikh Religion from within). Gurdwaras are not a business with a singular aim of making profit. Gurdwaras are where Sikh Principles are implemented and maintained rather than manipulated or exploited. It is the duty of all Gurdwara Committees to adhere to Sikh Rehit Maryada for the betterment of Sikhism in UK. The alternative would lead to increasing erosion of Sikh values, erosion of respect for Gurbani and erosion of Sikhi as a religion in the UK so we should act now to prevent further degradation of Gurmat and Sikh Principles.

It is the duty of every Sikh who respects the sanctuary of a Gurdwara to voice their concerns about these Party Halls. Sadh Sangat Ji, wake up and stop your home from being destroyed! We should literally treat Gurudwaras as the doorway to Waheguru Himself and actively get involved to ensure they are a beacon of Sikhi in practice. We cannot allow our own home to be degraded in this way and must take a stand on this issue first and foremost.

The BBC and media often interview members of the Gurdwara for information regarding Sikhi such as on:

so it is especially sad to see the Leeds Prabhandak Committee setting such a poor example for the Sikh community and the next generation of young Sikhs. Please contact the Gurudwara and local sangat you know in leeds so that we can collectively work towards ending this Beadbi:

The Sikh Temple,
192 Chapeltown Road,
0113 2374287
0113 2629073

Rather comically I found this online: "Detailed information about THE SIKH TEMPLE

This is the oldest running Gurdwara(now in the newly purpose built modern buildingin year2000)in Leeds since 1964,and is one of the earliest organisations.It is run by all 27 Amritdhari members."


More details to follow......

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