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BNP and Islamaphobia

Muslims are now the main victims of BNP racism. Since September 11th was revealed to be the work of Islamic terrorists, Muslims in this country have taken the brunt of abuse by those wanting to exploit tragedy.

All ethnic groups exist as a target for the BNP, but their choice of victim is cynical: “We reject both pro-Zionist internationalism… and the Islamification of our homelands. Which enemy is it in our political interest to be seen to be opposing more vigorously at the moment? To a party aiming to win seats in London, the West Midlands and the former mill-towns of Northern England, the answer should be pretty obvious”.

It is clear then, that the BNP see racism against Muslims as a vote winner. Muslims are an easy target for fascists. This is why the BNP cowardly singles them out for abuse. Under British law, Muslims do not exist as an ethnic group, and so technically cannot be the victims of discrimination. In other words, the BNP can goad Muslims and get away with it. This is why the BNP was campaigning against Muslims long before the New York attacks.

The BNP claim that it is not Asians but only Muslims they have a problem with. This is not true. ‘Muslim’ is often used as a codeword for ‘Asian’ precisely because of gaps in the law.

Nick Griffin pretended that he was not blaming ordinary Muslims, but expressed horror when Tony Blair pushed the same message. “Blair and Bush lie about Islam”, Griffin declared, claiming that is was an attempt by Blair to “Curry favour with Britain’s three million angry Muslims”.

Ordinary Asians in Bradford and Oldham are placed in the same category as those terrorists who flew planes into the World Trade Centre. “The question of whether or not our land will remain ours will be decided not in the mountains of Afghanistan, but in towns like Oldham and Burnley. Anyone who finds that hard to believe needs only to read the Koran to understand why”.

By getting support from Muslim haters in other ethnic groups, the BNP are fostering more division and race hate. These Sikh and Hindu BNP supporters represent only a handful of fanatics. They speak for noone but themselves.

As far back as 1996, the BNP were attacking Muslims as being separate from other ethnic groups. Then members were active in campaigns against the opening of mosques in east and south London. They wrote at the time, “The BNP has no objection to Muslims having their own places of worship – providing they are in Muslim countries and not in Britain”.

The BNP has recently claimed that Al-Qia’da is the true form of Islam and that moderate Muslims who want to live peacefully with other religions are non-believers. This is clear incitement and distortion.

Most of all, Griffin’s anti-Muslim stance is hypocrisy. In the mid-1980s when he was a leading officer in the National Front he openly cavorted with Islamic extremists. He supported the Ayatollah Khomeini’s fundamentalist regime in Iran, and sought backing from Libya’s Colonel Gaddafi


Sikhs should be alert to the rubbish these BNP politicians are pushing. There’s no way any Sikh in their right mind would support these right wing fascists.

Any "brotherhood" type mention should be seen as a handshake from Sonia Gandhi's Government.

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