Protest/Prayers In Scotland

Protest/Chaupai Sahib will be taking place in Edinburgh this Sunday (19th November).

London Coaches:

5.00am Singh Sabha, Park Avenue,

5.30am Singh Sabha, Sheehy Way, Slough.

Midlands Coaches:

6.30am Edward St West Brom

6.30am High Street Smethwick

Sangat will meet at 1.30pm on Sunday 16th Nov at the Gurudwara Sahib, more details are on the poster.

From there Sangat will move onto Pilrig park where the incident took place.


Every Sikh should be there, if we don’t show our disgust at this now - it might happen again.

Also this is an opportunity to finally do some p
archaar/explaining to people around us as to who Sikhs are.

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