Khalsa Identity

Sometimes when your out in the world you see people acting inappropriately to the uniform they are wearing.

This is usually when the person represents something goodly, and you see the person acting badly. An example of this is when police officers become corrupt.

They are the enforcers of the law, yet they do not practice it themselves.

In the same way, if we keep the BASIC Sikh uniform (un-cut hair and/or turban) we should act in a certain way, the way that was given to us by our father - Guru Gobind Singh Sahib Ji (Last living Guru of the Sikhs).

What counts as behaviour that is not 'Sikh'?

Things that I see routinely would be;

Most of these things are included in the Bajjar Kurehits, sort of like the Sikhs "list of donts", so to see a Sikh doing them is not only wrong for the individual but bad for the nation.

In the same way, many people as soon as they hear the name Afghanistan they automatically think Taliban...

Bluntly put, if you act like a clown and people see you - the next time they see Sikhs they'll think of your behaviour as representative of everyone.

This is why we have a uniform, this is why we are different from most other people in society. It is our duty to act courteously at all times, and if we followed Sikhism to the tee - we should be an example that people would want to follow, not outcast.

Why does no one know who Sikhs are?
Because most of us try to fit into the rest of society, so they look like any other brown person - and the few that keep the identity, don't act as Sikhs should either!

I'm not sure which is worse.......


Manvir Singh Khalsa said...

Bhai you raise an important issue.

In my second year of Uni I moved in early into Halls of Residence because I was working for the Residence Office. I didn't think any students were occupying any of the rooms so I did my Simran and Paath loud (as I do at home).

Someone started banging on the door. I thought "no-one is at Halls yet. Students move in next week, I must be hearing something."

Eventually a person came and started to bang (i mean hard!) on my door. I opened the door (I was in my night-clothes i.e. Kachhera, t-shirt and Kirpan worn on top). THe bloke looked at me and was gobsmacked and frigthened. Waheguru.

He said what you doing 4.30 in the morning shouting. I said I am not shouting I praying and meditating.

When I next saw him, he asked me "ARE YOU A BUDDHIST?" I was like "errh???" "ARE YOU A BUDDHIST". "No! I am a Sikh!" "Sikh? Whats a Sikh? Is that a branch of Buddhism"

The bloke was from South America (Mexico I think) and no experience with Sikhs. He just kept saying "ARE YOU HINDU THEN? OR YOU BUDDHIST." Sat Naam. Very frustrating. I had to try to explain Sikhi to him and the history of the religion. He was scared and confused how I could be a Buddhist (I think he meant "spiritual" when he said Buddhist) and wear a weapon.


Talking to people and interacting with others and showing them Sikh Dharam (i.e. way of life rather than SIKH KARAM (sikh acts)) is what we should strive for.

Woops. Jus noticed the comment is getting too long. So I will Fateh here.

Waheguru ji ka khalsa,
waheguru ji ki fateh

Amita Singh said...
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