Swearing! *!*!"&%&@!

Firstly please read this to get some backround information on how 'mere' words effect us as humans. (click me)

"One thing which we don't always realize is the impact that the vibration from our words and prayers have. When you speak it has a vibration. This vibration can communicate love, hate, or just anything. Different words and languages have different vibrations and effects."

Gurbani has a positive vibration, it has the power to change your mood, enlighten your senses and much more. However Swearing is something I am strongly against.

Please dont get me wrong, I am not perfect as sometimes I still swear however I am trying to cut down.

One important thing that we must all remember is that once something leaves our lips, we cannot take it back. This is why holy people don't speak very much, as listening to slander/nindia is harmful to our sikhi/spiritual well being. The less we speak, the less chance we have of offending someone.

However, we have to speak right? This is true, however if our vocabulary contains abusive words this is not always a good thing. To us, and our close group of friends who are used to it it is a mere joke, to be laughed off. However, to a passerby or someone who can hear your conversation it probably isnt as funny. I've seen physical fights start in the past simply because someone swore at someone, even jokingly.

It's only a joke if all parties find it funny, this is hardly ever the case!

I have especially noticed this in the Sikh Youth. The amount that some people swear is unbelievable - even in Gurudwaras (Sikh places of worship). If a muslim ever swore in a mosque he'd be kicked out, probably after a beating - however when our youth do it we look away and hope someone else will stop them. All it takes is to politely say, "Language" or something to this effect.

The problem isn't that they do it on purpose, but they swear so much in their everyday lives that they have become accustomed to swearing innumerous times. I believe this is why I still swear sometimes, as the music I listened to in the past is maybe engraved on my mind.

So a humble request, please cut down on the 'F's and the 'P's, if not for yourself, then do it for me!

(see what i did there? it's christmas time!)


xSHANTIx said...

love this post..its absolutely 100% true. Swearing, for many is like a mantra or affirmation. They say four letter words in referring to life and people around them, then they only receive the same kind of negative energies back from their environment. We should speak with love and compassion and let those words shape and manifest our biography. Gurbani sweetens even the sourest of tongues.

Anonymous said...

i know what the f is...whts the p???

Confused Khalsa said...

piece :)

Harnav Bir Singh Khalsa said...

Waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh

it is something towards which we all need to pay attention. It is the same gurmukhi in which we read gurbani and its the same one in which we swear! ... so gud wrk man! keep it up ... Add me in your non-swearin list! ;) I promise nt 2 swear ...