Timetable Organisation

im frantically trying to sort out my sleeping patterns again. basically the latest plan is that I am going to try and sleep before 10, and get atleast 8 hours from that point.

then i will slowly work this back, minute by minute into a decent time to wake up - preferbly around 3!

i've tried, and failed, in the past to try and wake up at 3 everyday. this is do-able, for a couple of days. but after that sleep sets in and i just cant get up *knocked out* on the next day.

Im also going to try get some magical 20 minute nap sessions in during the day, to provide a sort of catchup.

i've tried everything else, might aswell try this!


Anonymous said...

the magical 20 mins is a good idea....my mate does that....its wat gets him thru the day....

hope it works 4 u....

good luck bro


Anonymous said...

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