To Blog, Or Not To Blog

Everyday I have these really exciting things to post, but when it comes to it I just seem to copy and paste stuff from other sites or type rubbish.

I think im getting old and need to keep a notebook with me to write down ideas.

Ahhh one thing that happened today, not too interesting but nonetheless still made me laugh.

I was at university, in the library. There are two rows of computers face to face, and i was working/browsing the internet for around 30 mins when someone came in and sat on the desk opposite me. The first thing i heard them say was "Whats that on your head?"

I didnt know wether to reply or throw a chair at the guy, but I remained calm and said "it's a turban". the asian guy said, "i've never seen one like that before".

After this a whole conversation ensued about different turban types and how the now popular "triangle/somasa" style dastaar came from the time when the British enslaved punjabis, and as sign of who was under their control, they used the triangle style dastaar to see who was faithful to them. we also talked about caste within the community and setting up a sikh society, as he turned out to a be a Sikh guy.

We talked about why keeping hair is so important, and he said he doesnt get face conditions when he keeps a beard but they come back as soon as he cuts it. It really was interesting talking to him, especially when he mentioned that he campaigns for khalistan.

Like alot of people we are disillusioned as to what we need for khalistan, we need Khalsa!

We need to be pure within ourselves before can even dream of having our own homeland, but if you think about it - if you are content with God inside yourself, that is your khalistan.

I think the moral of this 'story' is that its best to keep cool, and then you can assess the situation and act accordingly. If I had just got angry at the guy, it wouldnt have helped either of us and probably portrayed Sikhs in a bad light to the other people in the library.

Guru's Grace......


StingLikeSingh said...

I gotta say that's a pretty good idea. I been doing a lot of reading lately on sikhism and on the whole khalistan thing. And yeah we need to first have khalsa before we can even think about khalistan. Also if there is a khalistan who's gonna run it? There another few hundred people hurt or dead in the process, cause us punjabi's with our hot blood and tempers are not gonna do anything the right way.

Anonymous said...

if he's a sikh, why would he ask 'what's that on your head'?

Anonymous said...

im guessing hes never seen a dumalla dastaar before, only the samosa style