Wearing Dastaar/Bana

Before I started wearing dastaar (turban), I didnt really believe my actions had repercussions. For example, if someone needed help I'd be less obliged to help as I was just another person that people looked at suspiciously in the street.

However, when you take Guru Gobind Singh Ji's form you force yourself to be a better person. Your constantly reminded everytime you look in the mirror, or by the blood flow being restricted to your brain that you are a Sikh and represent the whole Khalsa panth.

Guru Gobind Singh ji said, my Khalsa (my nation) will always be distinct. If we cut out hair, and adopt Levi's and a Nike Hoody how are we distinguishable from any other person on the planet? To be distinct we must keep rehit, there’s no question about it. (Dastaar and Bana!)

Inner rehits are very important, but we also have an outer uniform. Designed to take away inequality, we wear simple clothes and tie a 'freestyle' turban.

Now, I've totally cut down on swearing and am alot more wary of how I’m acting in the outer society. I will always try and hold doors open for people, or give people way while driving. It really is a life changing aspect that is so often overlooked, just to fit in.

(Gurujot Singh from espanola in the picture)

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