Lane changing and tailgating

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These days I have been driving a lot on California's long and big freeways. Typically California's freeways have four (or more) lanes but even these are not enough for the traffic. There is heavy traffic even on holidays and even outside the cities. People try to pass each other frequently by changing lanes thinking they will reach their destination faster this way. Only a few move forward at a set pace and don't tailgate and change lanes frequently. Usually, these are the ones who reach the destination without much trouble and stress on the way and many times they reach faster too.

On the spiritual path also, people who remain steadfast on the path once they get it without changing "lanes" (read "paths") frequently and without "tailgating" (read "following what the majority of the people are doing blindly") are the ones who reach the destination faster and with less problems.

Once they get into the right lane (getting into the right lane being very important), they try to stay on it, no matter what.

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