Take A Step..

crn srin gur eyk pYfw jwie cl
churun suran gur eaek paiddaa jaae chal
If you take one step towards the sanctuary of the Guru's feet,

siq gur koit pYfw Awgy hoie lyq hY ]
sath gur kott paiddaa aagae hoe laeth hai
the Guru will take millions of steps toward you in welcome.

So what is this step?

It really is simple, do something the Guru wants. Be it stop cutting your God given hair, or start Amritvela (meditation in the early hours of the morning).

If we really want Guru ji badly enough, we will make sacrifices - we must.

1 comment:

satvinder said...

I love this shabad.

Just show's how close the guru is to us. We only need to take ONE step!

Thanks for sharing veer ji :o)