What children see, children do. - Think!

The brief for Children See Children Do was to let all adult Australians know that they have an influence on children within their community and that they can make a difference to children's wellbeing. The brief, a copy of which is attached, asked the creative team to address the concept that responsibility for children's wellbeing goes beyond parents and child care professionals and rests with all of us. The brief was to target the general public – all Australian adults.

A second part to the brief was to provide the first campaign to be launched under the social marketing brand Child Friendly Australia.

The brief was developed by NAPCAN and workshopped with the DDB team over several weeks. The brief was then put out through the DDB Creative teams and the final concept was selected from approximately eleven submitted. We have been extremely fortunate to have a major advertising agency prepared to contribute so much to this cause and to do so with the full expertise available to them (not the cheapest and easiest). Their most valuable contribution comes from their expert knowledge in knowing what and how to get a message to the public.

Making the Ad

The film was produced by Soma Films also on a pro-bono basis using professional talent and crew. NAPCAN contributed approximately $10,000 toward out of pocket expenses for the shoot and in recognition of the talent.

Before filming the script was sent to the Children's Guardian (Child Welfare) who oversee any filming which involves children to ensure that during filming the children are not exposed to harm in any way.

So, for example, the domestic violence scene was put together by filming the child separately to the adults and putting the total scene together in post production. When we saw the first rough of the film the girl with the cigarette was not holding anything – the cigarette and smoke was added digitally during the post production process.

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