Baba Ranjit Singh Ji - Video Part 1

A video of Bhai Ranjeet Singh talking about how the Sikh panth is trying to put down their own people, rather than being happy that so many are getting initiated to the Sikh panth.


panthic singh said...

A true "sant" will never say they have given amrit to so many people I maybe harsh but today so many so called "sants" say we gave amrit to so many lakh people. firstly Panj gave amrit not a sant.
Secondly how many of those people who took amrit actually kep rehit?

Anonymous said...

Does he endorse Gurmat Rehat of both men and women wearing Dastaar?

Pritam Singh Khalsa said...

Only the 11 GURUs are the true SANTs.

Anonymous said...

gauVI mhlw 1 ]

gourree mehalaa 1 ||

Gauree, First Mehl:

gur prswdI bUiJ ly qau hoie inbyrw ]

gur parasaadhee boojh lae tho hoe nibaeraa ||

By Guru's Grace, one comes to understand, and then, the account is settled.

Gir Gir nwmu inrMjnw so Twkuru myrw ]1]

ghar ghar naam nira(n)janaa so t(h)aakur maeraa ||1||

In each and every heart is the Name of the Immaculate Lord; He is my Lord and Master. ||1||

ibnu gur sbd n CUtIAY dyKhu vIcwrw ]

bin gur sabadh n shhootteeai dhaekhahu veechaaraa ||

Without the Word of the Guru's Shabad, no one is emancipated. See this, and reflect upon it.

jy lK krm kmwvhI ibnu gur AMiDAwrw ]1] rhwau ]

jae lakh karam kamaavehee bin gur a(n)dhhiaaraa ||1|| rehaao ||

Even though you may perform hundreds of thousands of rituals, without the Guru, there is only darkness. ||1||Pause||

AMDy AklI bwhry ikAw iqn isau khIAY ]

a(n)dhhae akalee baaharae kiaa thin sio keheeai ||

What can you say, to one who is blind and without wisdom?

ibnu gur pMQu n sUJeI ikqu ibiD inrbhIAY ]2]

bin gur pa(n)thh n soojhee kith bidhh nirabeheeai ||2||

Without the Guru, the Path cannot be seen. How can anyone proceed? ||2||

Koty kau Krw khY Kry swr n jwxY ]

khottae ko kharaa kehai kharae saar n jaanai ||

He calls the counterfeit genuine, and does not know the value of the genuine.

AMDy kw nwau pwrKU klI kwl ivfwxY ]3]

a(n)dhhae kaa naao paarakhoo kalee kaal viddaanai ||3||

The blind man is known as an appraiser; this Dark Age of Kali Yuga is so strange! ||3||

sUqy kau jwgqu khY jwgq kau sUqw ]

soothae ko jaagath kehai jaagath ko soothaa ||

The sleeper is said to be awake, and those who are awake are like sleepers.

jIvq kau mUAw khY mUey nhI roqw ]4]

jeevath ko mooaa kehai mooeae nehee rothaa ||4||

The living are said to be dead, and no one mourns for those who have died. ||4||

Awvq kau jwqw khY jwqy kau AwieAw ]

aavath ko jaathaa kehai jaathae ko aaeiaa ||

One who is coming is said to be going, and one who is gone is said to have come.

pr kI kau ApunI khY Apuno nhI BwieAw ]5]

par kee ko apunee kehai apuno nehee bhaaeiaa ||5||

That which belongs to others, he calls his own, but he has no liking for that which is his. ||5||

mITy kau kauVw khY kVUey kau mITw ]

meet(h)ae ko kourraa kehai karrooeae ko meet(h)aa ||

That which is sweet is said to be bitter, and the bitter is said to be sweet.

rwqy kI inMdw krih AYsw kil mih fITw ]6]

raathae kee ni(n)dhaa karehi aisaa kal mehi ddeet(h)aa ||6||

One who is imbued with the Lord's Love is slandered - this is what I have seen in this Dark Age of Kali Yuga. ||6||

cyrI kI syvw krih Twkuru nhI dIsY ]

chaeree kee saevaa karehi t(h)aakur nehee dheesai ||

He serves the maid, and does not see his Lord and Master.

poKru nIru ivrolIAY mwKnu nhI rIsY ]7]

pokhar neer viroleeai maakhan nehee reesai ||7||

Churning the water in the pond, no butter is produced. ||7||

iesu pd jo ArQwie lyie so gurU hmwrw ]

eis padh jo arathhaae laee so guroo hamaaraa ||

One who understands the meaning of this verse is my Guru.

nwnk cInY Awp kau so Apr Apwrw ]8]

naanak cheenai aap ko so apar apaaraa ||8||

O Nanak, one who knows his own self, is infinite and incomparable. ||8||

sBu Awpy Awip vrqdw Awpy BrmwieAw ]

sabh aapae aap varathadhaa aapae bharamaaeiaa ||

He Himself is All-pervading; He Himself misleads the people.

gur ikrpw qy bUJIAY sBu bRhmu smwieAw ]9]2]18]

gur kirapaa thae boojheeai sabh breham samaaeiaa ||9||2||18||

By Guru's Grace, one comes to understand, that God is contained in all. ||9||2||18||


Anonymous said...

stop slamming him, you all know the conversation between him and professor ji was one sided, he was basically being slammed by the interviewer as well. so what if he calls himself a sant, its his problem. theres nothing wrong in his speeches, its just a different method to reach out to punjab's rural and uneducated massive. and besides, he's doin good to the current condition of punjab. you guys talk so much, why dont you all go over to punjab and start doin massive amrit sanchars and kar seva. all talk only.You all talk so much about him and his maya, what about professor, who took his whole family over to canada/usa and settled down there in a huge house. besides, ranjit singh speaks in a style the rural people are familliar with.Stop slamming him for his few mistakes, most of which he has already asked forgiveness for in that interview. Stop complaining behind your screens about him and try to do what he has done so far, then we'll see.

asdasjdhas said...

"Does he endorse Gurmat Rehat of both men and women wearing Dastaar?"

Yes he does! He tells women "dastaar sajaao", he says that amritdhari women should not wear just a chunni, they MUST wear a patka and have their heads covered at all times, and whats even better is wear a dastaar.

Jagvinder Singh said...

one more thing, its of the individual's love for the guru that he/she has to keep the rehit after taking amrit. those who administer amrit can never ensure or force the people to keep their rehit, this is individual responsibility. They can only do so much, as the first step, to help them get initiated into the khalsa panth. And he never says that he gave amrit to how many people. He always announces the figures, to perhaps motivate and inspire other murakhs like me, to be initiated into the khalsa fold. Trust me, at the rate things in punjab are going, and sikhism as a whole, massive amrit sanchars are essential for a revival before we get engulfed into the fold of hinduism.


Varinder said...

I've seen that many young Sikhs are caught up in all these online Sikhism websites that do nothing but preech hate. They talk about doing this and that and have no tolerance and can't live upto the requirements themselves. In India I saw a VCD of Sant ji (something called Nachko Khandai Dai.. something something tai) and theres alot of knowledge to be gained.

These committies in Gurdwara's are nothing but politics!

Anonymous said...

how many of u think that u have got the right to judge somebody like this and leave foolish comments all the time and more over how many are amritdhari them selves first of all none of the people of young age are ready to live life following sikh principles and then slamming sant baba for doing his Amrit Sanchar programmes . more over think about ur self first that u have the ability, to say all these things . I would say all the people who are saying these words are not even any where close to the sikh relegion in totalilty and partially. making up ur mind on what one say,s and then slamming him is easy rather than get Amrit and live accordingly and then preach others to t6ake Amrit or not and have the right to judge anybody . Fateh Think about about it All of you ao called scholars of sikhism on the net and posting comments and videos regarding sikhism.None of the outsiders have got the courage to say about anybody's relegion but only our rotten eggs are misleading people around the globe . think about my words and then say anything .