The Truth

What appears on the surface
May not be exactly true
What is under the surface
May not be readily digestible
The truth is not always sweet
But once you understand it
There's no turning back from it

The Guru is out there still
The people are fighting
Futile wars over Him
It is His will not to reveal Himself
For this is the time of Kalyug
When less people realize the Truth
The effect of Maya is so strong
It sways the people with it

The Guru teached the students
The Only way to Him
After a while He observed
That a crowd was forming
He did a drama for the crowd
And went into hiding
Revealing Himself Only to
A select few
Rest were left practicing rituals
Those they thought would
Lead them to Him
But actually would bring them
Nowhere near to Him


When we Matha Tek (bow to Guru Ji, supposedly giving our heads) or when we do paath in sangat or alone, how many of us are actully thinking about the act?

Are we more focused on what we look like to other people, or are we worried how other people percieve us? I know I am..

To do this, is the same as throwing water at the sun or dancing infront of the fire, its a mere ritual.

Our lifes goal should be to get to Vaheguru/God, everything we do should be a calculated step to attain this. We dont have time for mistakes, or rituals - especially when that short time we do pray should be sooo valuable to our development.

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