Method to do ishnaan/bathe

1) We should get up at amritvela. [between 12-6am]

2) We should try to clean our stomach (through excretion) before doing ishnaan.

3) We should brush our teeth (or use daatun).

4) Tie our keski to our waist, wrap Siri Sahib (kirpaan) around keski and also keep your kanga there. Open our kesh.

5) Use full cold water (no hot water at all) and wash your hair and face. In Canada, water is ice-cold in summer and winter. The feeling after taking shower in cold water is amazing. Consciousness reaches it's maximum. Abhyaas goes automatically.

6) After washing your hair, soak out water and comb your hair and beard. Wash your kanga and place in in your jooRa (hair knot). Tie your keski ( a new one, a fresh one) on your head.

7) Wash your Siri Sahib and Gaatra or use your second set of washed gaatra and Siri Sahib and tie it around your head.

8) Now do ishnaan of your body, again with pure cold water. Such is the affect of cold water (ice cold water) that automatically swaas swaas simran abhyaas starts in full force. The feeling after ishnaan with cold water is undescribible (beyond description).

9) Keep separate towels for your body and hair. Use your body wala towel and dry your body.

10) Remove your kachherra and ensure that the right leg is removed first. Keep the wet kachhera in your left leg for now.

11) Take your new (fresh) kachhera (must be white kachherra, long till knees) and place your right foot or leg in the new kachherra. Now remove your left leg from the wet kachherra and wear your left leg in the new kachherra.

12) All the time while we do ishnaan we must do either Siri Jap jee Sahib or Vaheguru Gurmantra or Mool Mantra. Otherwise Guru Sahib does not accept ishnaan dee sewa.

Bhul chukk dee maafi. (Apologies for any mistakes)
Daas, Kulbir Singh

I found this really interesting, especially using cold water - i've tried it a few times, and there really is no better "wake you up'er". The best way to make the transition is to turn the hot water off gradually, like cut down once every few days. Eventually you'll be using just cold water.

Batheing is the start of our day, therefore we must make sure we get it right. Using hot water will just send us to sleep, so its definately worth the effort to switch to the BURRR tap!


xSHANTIx said...

do you know which ang that this ritual is described on, as its not even part of the rehat maryada. I have slight concerns with the wet kacchera left on your thighs, as your calcium is stored in your thighs and we arent supposed to put freezing cold water on them. Also isnt it an empty ritual? I mean Japji states that even if the clothes are stained with blood and urine they can be washed easily with soap, but its not as easy to wash the mind. I dont think its of major importance to wash in this way...yes it is benificial, but your not a papi if you dont follow these guidelines. I mean its MORE important to clean the mind with Naam than it is to spend time on a rigid washing structure.
Just my thoughts, maf karna, if i offended anyone. Sat Nam.

Confused Khalsa said...

i totally agree with you sister ji.

washing the mind is very very important, and this is our main goal. However, we must also maintain an outer rehit of the 5'ks.

I found this way of washing very logical in maintaining them upon our person.

I've talked to many people about washing with cold water, and i've recieved mixed views. The consensus seems to be, if you can wash with cold water then you should (if your health is ok etc).

As it wakes us up and stimulates our blood flow ready for meditating (cleaning the mind).

Just washing with cold water, and following strict guidlines is not enough as you said - but it is part of the discipline that we should follow as sikhs.

I believe Sikhi is like a engine, the goal is to get the car moving to get closer to our destination (God/Guru) the rehits we keep are the parts of the car that can speed up the process. However, following some but not others will not get us anywhere, as you have said :)

Sat Nam, Ang Sang Waheguru

Manvir Singh Khalsa said...

Thanks for post.

I tried Cold Ishnaan and I must say it has many benefits.

1/ you feel awake

2/ you breathe and speak "waheguroo, waaheguroo..." as you bathe

3/ you don't feel sleepy or tired while doing Nitnem

thanks again for post.

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