Stories From The Life of Bhai Rama Singh Ji

A Celebration of Bhai sahib Ji's life

Waheguru ji kekhalsa, waheguru ji ke fateh

Pyare jio, most people are now aware of the sad loss to the Guru Khalsa Panth of one of its sewaks, Bhai sahib Rama Singh ji. But however, he is has gone to a far superior place.

yesterday, Veer Harpreet singh wrote to me, that on the message board, inspirational stories on bhai sahib ji`s are being collated. I thought that was nice. Similarly this morning I have seen a few messages in my box of people writing about Bhai sahib.

If all the members and moderator of this forum do not mind, can we do the same here. It is not to do Ustat of bhai sahib, as this was something he was against.He always as per maryada, wished of only Ustat of Guru maharaj. So please when submitting e-mails, restrict from glorifying Bhai sahib, just stories of the message that he wished to share, and the pyar that he showed.

I hope this is fine, and agreeable with everyone. If a gursikh would like to take the seva of transferring messages from message board and egroup, aswell.

The one thing that really makes Gursikhs like Bhai sahib stand out, is that no-ones needs to do their ustat. they do not need titles like Mahaprush, bhramgyani, etc, neither a hoard of propoganda machine. Everyone just knows, it never needs to be mentioned. That is when you realise that that it is Guru Maharaj himself who is doing their Ustat, and this is the way it should be.

waheguru ji ke khalsa, waheguruji ke fateh


Everyday I'm going to post a story about Bhai Sahib ji, written by Jagjit Singh. They really are inspirational and give an insight as to how we should be living.

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