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If a person commits a heinous act against another person or a being we don’t tolerate it and rush every which way possible to bring justice or protest against injustice. If we do things that we think are normal by us and society at large but NOT acceptable to God; do you think we will not be judged according to our acts

The Path to God is narrower than a hairline with ditches on all sides. The attractions in the ditches are very attempting and trying. It can boggle the mind of anyone that looks at them. It would be like running your computer with viruses. We maybe able to get away or get ahead from law and order or cheat our way higher or get many rewards and degrees or noble prizes but they are worthless in the court of God. Only humans have a free choice to accept God and His way of life or not. We have a choice to do the right or wrong thing and / or face the consequences here and after.

Human is quality that makes us human; it’s not name of the frame we live-in. In-humane acts make us think that person is not human. If we can fail because of one point or one vote, it wouldn’t matter how hard we worked or how good and clean our heart is; we wouldn’t get the certificate or seat. Are we failing with God? How can we be passing or our minds be good and clean if we are busy cutting and trimming what is most precious to God and messing the body up with jewelry? How can we get to heavens if we are criminals in God’s records; If not heavens who is going to save us after life?

If you want to cheat or mislead some you can do it by either becoming by force or violence. They are going to become your best friend or relative and build your trust. When your guard is down they strike. That is what the devil has done. All of the mankind believes that all you need is good clean heart to reach God. God say not so. People are made with God qualities; people want more God want more than just good clean heart.

Some quotes found on http://www.waheguru.ca

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