Giving up everything in hard times...

Have you ever felt so sick physically due to whatever reason - you felt so bad that you didn't care about anything else besides getting back to being well again? You didn't care about the things happening around you anymore; you didn't care about the stuff you spent hours on everyday; you didn't care about your job, your career, your house, your assets, etc. All your desires and the want for material things seemed to have disappeared? You would give up anything just to fell better again?

These days some hospitals have meditation rooms for the close ones of patients under treatment to pray. Usually these meditation rooms are full with people from different religions praying in their own ways but for a common purpose. All of them pray so that their close ones become better.

If only a person would stay in this state forever - the state a person enters when facing such adversity. We are ready to give up anything in such times of adversity; we plead before Him; we are ready to part with anything just to make our real ones feel better.

Why are we ready to give up everything when faced with such adversity? It is because during such times, we realize that all the stuff we are ready to give up has very less or no value compared to this precious life He gave us. We don't want to lose it.

If only we could remember this in our minds once we get out of these troubled times...

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