New Years - (update)

This is a perfect time of the year to reflect on what you have achieved in the past 12 months, but more importantly to plan what your going to do in the coming 12.

It's only worth making mistakes if your going to learn from them.

In the past if you've wasted time on t.v/internet (like i do everyday), then its a time to maybe use this precious time that we have on this earth to do more constructive things.

From New Years day, or any consecutive day - why not add something to your daily life that will improve yourself?

Add a japji sahib to your nitnem, start morning simran for 15 minutes before your prayers, volunteer at your local homeless centre once a week, learn a martial art, learn how to read/write punjabi at your local Gurudwara - do something that will improve you.

Time spent on the t.v is useless, as when you've spent 3 hours daily on it - you have nothing to show for it. You might have laughed, cried or scared yourself senseless but after a while its just wasted time that your likely to forget about.

Don't make this the story of your life, someone who was forgotten because they did not contribute to society (Vaheguru's Creation).


New Years Reolution..
Nimrita Sath Benti..

Benti suggestion of new years resolution for Sikhs all around the world.

1. Naam Simran.
Meditate on his naam through simran, keertan, amrit vela. Take one step at a time try to build up your amrit vela.

Simran is so important it shall bring us peace and sort out everything. Do not worry about anything leave it to vahiguroo do simran. Get up at amrit vela and do simran of gurmantar vahigurooo and jaap of mool mantar. You can repeat the first Saloak of Sukhmani Sahib:

aad gur-ay namah.
jugaad gur-ay namah.
satgur-ay namah.
saree gurdayv-ay namah. 1

Read this article on how to do Simran on Gupt Wannabe Naam Abhiyaasee blog.

2. Let us all do khoj of gurbani.
Let us all look at gurbani and try to begin and understand what Guroo Sahib is saying from here we will see the pyar (love) ignite with in out hearts. Gurbani is all we have as Sikhs

Read hukamnama of Sri Harimandir Sahib from internet and listen to it at same time. Get a ramdom shabad of or listen to a shabad and do a search. Try and learn more gurbani do more nitnem.

3. Stop Kesh Katal.

Those who do kesh katal/kesh di bedbi take the new year to make a change. Make a fresh start do ardaas for Guru Sahibs kirpa and to keep kesh. Cut, pluk ,shave, colour nimrita benti to take a difference and stop. Keep Guroo Sahibs moore and his sampooran roop and if you keep your kesh make a pran to tie dastar/keski. This besnti is to my Veerjis and Penjees.

4. Learn and Teach a Shabad.

Learn and teach at least one other person two shabads this year of by heart. With or with out an instrument. You do not need an instrument to sing gurbani. You need pyar, nimrita and determination to meet vahiguroo to sign a shabad which will touch the hearts of all around you.

Teaching and or learning you will have a profane effect on you life and that of the other person. They will not forget the seva you are doing and will remember you in years to come even If they start to drift away from Sikhi one day Guru Sahib will do kirpa on them and you pyar and nimrita may change there lives for the better now or in years to come. Is it not worth changing not only your life but that of someone around you?

5. Seva
Do seva where you live, at Gurdwara, for you neighbour, at high school, University. Any where and everywhere for anyone and everyone like Bhai Ghanayia Ji, see Akaal Purkh inside everyone and do seva for them help them. Do not do seva for reward here or after do it for pyar with pyar and nimrita for Akaal purkh. Put aside your jathabandis and differences of rehit and come together as one Khalsa Panth owing allegiance to only Sri Akal Takath Sahib and one Guroo, Guroo Granth.

Please pass this on other forums, emails, etc, and let us all make a difference in 2006 let is kep these promisies to go vahiguroo.

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