3rd Story From The Life of Bhai Rama Singh Ji

Forever Young, Bhai Rama Singh Jee

Waheguru ji ke khalsa, waheguru ji ke fateh

I too was blessed to have had Bhai Rama Singh ji's sangat while I was in Southall. He loved the kids and the youth, he always came to our programmes and made everyone he met feel very special, like they were the only person in the world that mattered to him. He had the true light of Waheguru shining brightly in him and was a true Khalsa. I never thought of him as old , he was forever young , always smiling. He started the Waheguru kirtan programmes at 4am in Southall and 5.30 in hounslow. He got up in the early hours and did his amritvela, then made his way to Southall and Hounslow every morning. Just to see him in the sangat was SO inspiring. He was always at the kids camps - a beacon of light to all that were in darkness. I will miss him very much and can feel the tears welling up as I write this.

I remember meeting Harjot, like his grandson, who told me that Bhai Sahib was in hospital a few years ago and went into a coma. The doctors said there was no hope now and the family should prepare for the worst. Harjot and his father sat by his bedside day and night just praying. Miracle of miracles he came out of the coma and the Doctors couldn't believe it. Bhai Rama Singh ji told them his soul went to a
beautiful place and he thought it was time for him to leave the world. Then two Shaheed Singhs came and greeted hims with love and affection. They told him that he had done so much naam simran that few could match him, but it was not his time to go yet. They said that he had one thing left to do and that was to earn gareebi - spiritual poverty, to become as humble as the earth, then his life journey would be complete. Then they gave him divine amrit to drink and he drank it till he could drink no more. It completely rejuvinated him spiritually, mentally and physically. Harjot lived with Bhai Sahib and said he Bhai Rama Singh ji was so high on naam after that he didn't sleep for days.

I remember Bhai Rama Singh ji would always recommend to everyone he met to do 'joria dee seva' to clean the sangats shoes, to be humble. I think if anyone want s to show love for Bhai Rama Singh then that would have been his request - do joria dee seva , find humility and naam simran , make your life successful, have the true light of the Khalsa shining bright in you.

Waheguruji ka khalsa Waheguruji kee fateh!

Harjit Singh

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