This extract below is not my own writing, its from a young sikh from espanola (Hari Singh Khalsa) and agree with his views completly.

I can't say that I am pro or anti Khalistan, but I am pro Khalsa Spiritual Nation. The Khalsa Spiritual Nation that I speak of should encompass all the people of the world. Why should we be limited to such a small piece of geography when we believe that the lifestyle and teachings of the Gurus would benefit the entire planet? Every Khalsa should be a member of this nation before they are anything else. I am certainly Khalsa before I am American. I, and every Sikh should be, bound to God and moral responsibility before they are bound to the laws of the land they reside in, even if they are somehow in conflict.

I woke up this morning thinking about Khalistan and thought that if it did exists, none of the events of 1984 would have occurred and the human rights abuses in Punjab would likely not have taken place and continue to take place. However, if it did exist today and it was run by the current Sikh leaders of India, it would be a disaster. There is so much internal politics (vying for power), backstabbing, and corruption that nothing would ever get done.

In and ideal world, no countries would be based on a religion, even the Sikh religion and as Sikhs it is our duty to strive for ideals. If you did create a country in which the government was a Sikh government, who would be allowed to live there? and what would be the definition of a Sikh? If only amrit dhari Sikhs would be allowed to live in Khalistan, then wouldn't this be discrimination? which is strictly forbidden by the Gurus. If all religions were allowed but it was still considered a Sikh state, would the minorities have a say? If not, wouldn't this be oppression? If they do have a say, and they oppose the government being tied to a religion, shouldn't we respect this. Our Gurus never said this is the only path, therefore a Sikh government would be an oxymoron. In a country founded by Sikhs, populated by Sikhs and operated by Sikhs, the government must still be secular to respect the teachings of our gurus.

A secular government is what India claims to be, just as the other countries which house the majority of Sikhs outside of India. So by this logic we really don't need Khalistan, because we already have it, at least in words and ideals. If Khalistan were declared it would have the same fundamental laws as all the other non-secular democracies of the world and would probably resemble India more than any other country. Most people, including those who are pro-Khalistan know this, therefore the only argument people have is that Khalistan would implement the ideals better. For the most part people want Khalistan because they don't want Sikhs to have to endure the same injustices they have been enduring since the creation of India and this is quite understandable.

I believe, however, that as Sikhs we can find or create our own justice. Sikhs can continue to migrate outside of India to countries who have never targeted Sikhs for genocide (the US and Canada, for instance), if they feel this is there best option. Or Sikhs can start building their own nation within India. Sikhs are the most empowered people of any of the largest world religions. Our gurus made it VERY CLEAR that we do NOT need any human to interpret God for us. This makes us all individually empowered. It's time to stop placing faith in our leaders and all become leaders ourselves. Manmohan Singh is a great man from what I know, but I seriously doubt he will begin an independent investigation into Operation Blue Star, or have the Congress leaders who participated in the Delhi riots brought to justice.

Sikhs are already more powerful, smarter and wealthier than the rest of India. The Sikhs should be so well organized that they can bring India to its knees if their needs aren't met. India would starve without the food grown by Sikhs in India. Meaning Sikhs should be controlling this market, instead of producing more than the year before and getting paid less and going further into debt. This is one of the principles Bindranwale understood and this is what India fears. India would try to suppress a movement like this and that’s what the genocide was really all about. But we should be smart enough to circumvent India. As a Khalsa Spiritual Nation we should be able to make India inconsequential. For starters make this a grass roots movement with so many leaders, on equal footing that the Indian government can't kill a Bindranwale and silence the movement. Next have different approaches instead of just instantly making a threat to withhold Punjab’s goods and services from India.

These are the steps we need to take before bringing India to its knees: We need to get rid of the caste system which is still somehow mind-blowingly plaguing the Sikhs. We need to ensure no Sikh is in a struggle for survival, don't just take care of yourself take care of your neighbor and their neighbor. If you are a land owner and you employ Sikhs to work your lands, pay them a wage so that they can become land owners too some day, and if this is not possible share your land with them. Stop producing crops which deplete the water table, which require fertilizers and pesticides that pollute the environment, and stop producing crops for profit. Sikhs should grow diverse crops that can feed themselves and then sell the excess. Every Sikh should be given a standard minimal education and have the opportunity to reach the highest levels of education before ever having to support themselves or their family (this can be done). Step up support groups, so that one family can grow the food that all families in the group need to survive while the others pursue education and entrepreneurial endeavors. Have faith in god and your support group, that all your needs will be met, and there is no need for greed or hoarding of goods. People are greedy and backstab and vie for power because they are afraid of having nothing, Guru Gobind Singh said that we should have no fear. Never get into debt and help others to get out of debt. If people need credit they should get it from a Sikh with little or no interest. Stop eating meat, fried foods excessively, and drinking alcohol (you’d think this would be obvious). Do a daily sadhana or a some kind of routine which keeps all Sikhs in the nation as fits as warriors and as spiritual as saints. Elevate the status of women to the same as men. Ensure your daughters/sisters/mothers get the same education or more as your sons/brothers/fathers. No Sikh woman should ever need a man (even a Sikh man) to survive. How can we truly be empowered if half our population is forcefully made ignorant? Basically follow the lifestyle the Gurus prescribed, help others to do so, and teach others to help others to do so (this is seva).

If Sikhs in India can solve these hurdles, then we are ready to have Khalistan, but then Khalistan will have been made redundant, and we won’t need it. Then India will never be allowed to discriminate against Sikhs or manipulate Sikhs or misrepresent Sikhs, because Sikhs will be too powerful to allow it.

Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa
Whahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh

-Hari Singh Khalsa


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Good points, he's right, ( but, in the ideal world though)

Even if India did deliver 100% justice to Sikhs. I still can't see myself saying, i'm Indian.

i'll stick with British Sikh!