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Halloween & The Sikhs

Halloween is a global festival which is cheerfully celebrated with kids trick or treating, people mocking and gimmicking ghosts, ghouls, goblins and demons. For Sikhs on the other hand Halloween carries a real grave significance, of real ghouls and demons, who massacred Sikhs in October and November 1984.

On Halloween, 31st October 1984 – Indira Gandhi the Indian Prime Minister was assassinated. What followed her death was inhumane, depraved and despicable, some call it genocide others ethnic cleansing, I’ll let the readers decide what they feel. The world silently turned a blind eye to these events and rather mourned the death of Mrs Gandhi.

Sikhs were burnt alive, raped, made refugees, murdered on mass, Gurdwaras attacked and Sikh businesses singled out for attacks. All this happened in what Sikhs at the time saw as ‘mother India .’ What was the crime of these Sikhs? What had they done to bring out the demons of Halloween?

The bodyguards of Mrs Gandhi who assassinated her, were Sikhs, so the orchestrated carnage was planned to ‘teach the Sikhs a lesson.’ These children, mothers, daughters, brothers, sisters, fathers and grandparents had no link to the Sikh assassins. In the times of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Jee, Guru Jee saw the destruction of the Mughal ruler Baabar and said,

There was so much slaughter that the people screamed. Didn't You feel compassion, Lord? O Creator Lord, You are the Master of all. If some powerful man strikes out against another man, then no one feels any grief in their mind. But if a powerful tiger attacks a flock of sheep and kills them, then its master must answer for it. This priceless country has been laid to waste and defiled by dogs, and no one pays any attention to the dead (Limb 360, Sri Guru Granth Sahib Jee)

These words ring true of what happened to Sikhs across India following Mrs Gandhi’s death, to the extent that Guru Sahibs words above aptly describe the attacks on these common, everyday Sikhs. Sikhs were brutally and clinically attacked in cities across India , Delhi , Kanpur , Patna and the list goes on, over 10,000 Sikhs died between 31st October – 3rd November, 1984, many more refugees lived on with nightmares of what they witnessed.

Hitler killed the Jews in gas chambers which were in secret locations but in India Sikhs were killed in public. The Jews have pursued Nazi’s for these genocidal acts, today the culprits of Sikh genocide walk free, let’s try and achieve some justice. Let’s remember these Sikhs and support the surviving families and widows, so the pain of Halloween can be lessened. Please see the links below to start making practical steps in this endeavour;

Genocide of Sikhs: www.carnage84.com www.witness84.com

Films: www.amuthefilm.com

Human Rights: www.lfhri.org – Lawyers for Human Rights International

Books: Government-organised Carnage, by Gurcharan Singh Babbar

Events: Candle Light Vigil, 12pm – 7pm, Wednesday 5th November, 2008
Chamberlain Square, Birmingham


Anonymous said...

Checkout this blogpost i came across. Your sikh readers may be interested

kaurageous said...

Unfortunately, a small minority of Sikh men in Malaysia are giving the rest of us a bad name by perpetuating violence based simply on race too.

Sikh women have become the target. When these Sikhs spot a Punjabi woman (unfortunately, we Kaurs wear 'kara' to express our faith, but some see it as a broadcast tag) who appears to be in a relationship with a man of another race, they outnumber the poor guy and try to kill him. At the very least, they try to injure the guy to say (and I will put it in a way that is as rediculous as it truly, really is), "You are not welcome to mingle with a woman whose ancestors came from the same country as ours, and who is of the same religion."

Since when did the Grandth Sahib dictate this kind of Nazi attitude? Is this an issue of race or religion? Are Punjabi's only allowed to fraternise with ppl who have similar physical attributes as them? Not possible. Not all Punjabi's look alike in the first place. Second: Are all Punjabi's Sikh, and are all Sikhs strictly Punjabi? C'mon, there are causasian Sikhs, Chinese Sikhs etc...and we welcome EVERYONE, regardless, into our temples, don't we?

Sadness for this madness.

Specifically, I am talking about Punjabi guys who don't even know these Punjabi Ladies personally, are not related to them and are in no way responsible for or have any rights over them -- something I think is only reserved maybe for fathers and brothers...or cousins perhaps.

If you're interested: Here are a few cases i know of:

1. A Punjabi woman went to a Punjabi nightspot with her Chinese fiance. Probably wanted to expose him to our culture etc. The poor guy was slapped in the parking lot by some Punjabi men the woman doesn't even know, and called a bitch who doesn't respect her religion. the Chinese guy was warned to stay away from her.

2. A Punjabi woman was walking with her caucasian boyfriend who has lived in Asia most of his life, and who is very respectful of the various cultures. This is a good guy, who any man would be lucky to know and have as an ally. Holding hands, they went for fast food and on the way were accosted by a group of Punjabi and Tamil Indian youths, who started making racist remarks such as "Go home to your country" and "what the f*** you going out with a white guy for". The attackers proceeded use empty beer bottles to throttle the guy while verbally assauting the woman and vandalising her car. Terrified, the couple managed to flee the scene, him with a fractured scull and gash to his head, her temporarily disgusted with her own people, and probably almost ready to renounce her background and religion.


It's as if we are Muslims in rural Pakistan!!!! And even THEY only do these violent actions based on a warped sense of 'honour' if they are the woman's overly emotional family members. It seems like the 'closeness' of the Sikh community and the pride of our people as the 'warriors' is being misinterpreted severely and it is a DAMN SHAME. Are our Sikh men so insecure that seeing a Punjabi/Sikh woman with a non-Punjabi man can make them feel such rejection?

Are we not supposed to be defenders of the weak? Don't we prize doing charity for everyone no matter race or religion? What are we teaching our sons? What are we preaching in our temples?

I attempt to bring these issues to the surface before some really irreparable damage is done and our religion/race is tarnished irrevokably.


Political Sense said...

In California, "They" approved the Kirpan for the Sikhs, with the comments thats this will be the 5th kakkar.You must have all 4 before you have the possession of Kirpan. Well its giving wrong message out there. I am a Sikh myself, but dont for this Kirpan issue. In the end Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger vetoed it, (not approving) The reason given, Sikhs should come to the police dept, educate them and with he help of administration include this info about Sikhs in the Police training manual, They dont need to directly go for legislation.
There are so many things to do before show the people our love for Kirpan. i.e We have not done any thing to punish the Killers of the Sikhs in 1984. What could be more important than this. So, instead of changing laws in other countries, create environment in your own country to bring the criminals to justice.
Guru Fateh

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Anonymous said...

一個人的價值,應該看他貢獻了什麼,而不是他取得了什麼 ..................................................

Singh Style said...

Well, God Bless All...

Sikhism . Karsewa

Singh Style said...

Sikhism . Karsewa