We will Never Forget

when we look in the mirror
we don't see our proud turbans or beards
we don't see our kirpans
or our brave appearances
because our honour and pride
our freedom and justice
are still rolling
in punjab's dirt
24 years
they attacked one of our holiest, most serene and pure shrines
Our Darbar Sahib
our pavittar white marble
our seat of primal authority
our Akaal Takht... our throne that is beyond death
our beautiful Satguru, Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji

their bullets

entered the hearts

of innocent singhs
innocent children
fell into the sarovar and drowned in
their own blood

the sarovar that Guru Ram Das Sahib once blessed

turned red
as the officers smoked their cigarettes and spat into it
wearing their dirty shoes
looking for "terrorists"
in God's own home?
when the blood of those same "terrorists"
is responsible for india's freedom
is responsible for the protection of Hindustan's religious rights
is responsible for the preservation of the religious rights of those
who want to take ours

we will never forget

being riddled with bullets.
our Satguru Ji's angs torn
our temple desecrated
our lives taken
our hopes lost
our world shattered
our hearts crushed
our families butchered
our children hacked
our mothers sliced
our fathers shot
our brothers electrocuted
our sisters..

our blood, being hidden in punjab's dirt
being walked on, stepped on, crushed, splattered
to the point of no return
as we wait silently
for justice
for freedom
for truth
to return
and it will...
and it must

We will never Forget

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8th June, Hyde Park, London
Various, BC
28th June, Milton Keynes, UK

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