Ban on Swords - Sign The Petition

We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to Reconsider an outright ban on swords.

The proposed ban on the import, sale and manufacture of swords will have an adverse effect on legitimate practitioners, collectors and manufacturers. Actual sword related crime is very rare and does not warrant a ban that affects the cultural activities of thousands of legitimate martial artists, collectors and smiths. Current legislation is quite adequate to deal with violent crime connected with bladed weapons. New legislation is merely for show. Enforcing such a ban will also affect cultural events such as Scottish Sword Dancing and many Sikh festivals. We urge the PM to reconsider this knee jerk reaction to media influenced scaremongering.

Imagine a Gatka Demo without Siri Sahibs and Khanday, or the 5 Pyare not being able to hold Siri Sahibs at Nagar Keertans.

Sign the petition, only takes literally 10 seconds.

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Sifar said...

Please also post that the petition is for British Citizens/residents only.