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Vaheguru ji ka Khalsa
Vaheguru ji ki Fateh

You may have heard of the case of the 3 Sikhs who have been recently arrested in Punjab, India under suspicious circumstances, all the evidence points to the fact that the charges are fabricated and it is another abuse of power by the Punjab Police on innocent Sikhs. Below you will find an article that was published in the Indian Express which reveals some of the truths on the case.

We urge all Sikhs in the UK to write to their MP’s & MEP’s for this purpose a standard letter has been drafted and is attached. To get the contact details of your MP please visit www.parliament.uk and if you don’t know who your MP/MEP’s are then please go to www.writetothem.com where you simply enter your postcode and you will be told who your MP/MEP’s are. We urge all Sikh organisations and Gurdwaras to write directly to the Foreign Secretary and Indian High Commission – for this purpose a standard letter is also attached. It would be appreciated if individuals and organisations who do write to their MP’s/Foreign Secretary/Indian High Commission etc – to please keep us informed of who approaches have been made to, this is to allow the campaign to keep a pace with developments.

NB – The next court hearing on the case is on 12th January 2007, so there is an urgency to make approaches and delegations as soon as possible which will assist in resolving this matter. Could you all please forward this message to your contacts and any egroups you may be a member of.

Finally we would like to thank all Sikhs and the media throughout the world who have already shown tremendous support in the campaign to free the 3 Sikhs. For further information about the campaign and to forward any correspondence please contact:

Campaign to Free 3 Sikhs

Kulwant Singh – 07765 859190

Download Template letters:

Member of Parliament Letter for Individuals
Foreign Secretary/High Commission Letter (For Organizations)

Vaheguru ji ka Khalsa
Vaheguru ji ki Fateh

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