Worse than we thought...

Another grave of female foetuses
Chander Parkash
Tribune News Service

Patran, August 10
Even as the people of this town were still reeling
under shock after a mass grave of unborn daughters was
detected in a pit situated in the vicinity of local
Sahib Hospital yesterday, the district health
authorities today identified another pit, near the
earlier one, in which about 200 to 300 female foetuses
were suspected to be buried. The digging of the second
pit would start tomorrow morning.

Official sources said that the district health
authorities had also identified about 20 ultrasound
centres in Haryana, which had been carrying out
pre-natal sex determination tests and subsequently
sending a significant number of pregnant women to
Sahib Hospital for illegal abortions of female

Though the district administration and health
authorities were tight lipped about their plans on how
to deal with these ultrasound centres, sources
revealed that an effective operation would be launched
jointly by the Punjab and Haryana Police departments
shortly to nab the culprits, who had been supplying
customers to Sahib hospital for illegal abortions of
female fetuses. These centres were charging Rs 8,000
to Rs 10,000 from their customers for carrying out
pre-natal sex determination tests.

These ultrasound centres, which were supplying the
customers to Sahib hospital, run by a quack couple,
identified as Pritam Singh and his wife Amarjit Kaur,
had been running in Tohana, Kaithal, Jakhal, Ambala,
Raipur Rani and Nariangarh areas of the Haryana. Some
other ultrasound centres, located in various towns of
Patiala and Sangrur districts, were also identified,
which too had been sending pregnant women with female
fetuses to Sahib Hospital, located on Patran-Patiala
main road, for illegal abortions.

Dr V. S. Mohi, Civil surgeon, Patiala, said that three
different teams of the Health Department, along with
the officials of other departments, would start
digging of the second pit tomorrow.

He had also sought explanation from Dr I. C. Taneja,
Senior Medical Officer, Civil Hospital, Patran, asking
him to explain the reasons that why he (Dr Taneja)
could not detect the illegal abortions taking place in
the Sahib hospital for the past one year or so. He
added that detection of one more grave of female
foetuses had also embarrassed the district health
authorities also.

Mr Munish Kumar, SDM, Patran, who had been
coordinating the operation and Dr Mohi said that the
health authorities had constituted three teams for
this operation. Ambulances would also be pressed into
service while digging up the pit. Before the start of
digging, the toxic gases from that pit, which was
sealed about one year back, would be removed. Mr Kumar
said that they might face some problems while digging
out the pit as some sewerage lines were passing over
that pit. He added that utmost care would be taken
during the digging operation so that no untoward
incident could take place.

Dr Mohi said that it also came into his notice that
the accused couple had also been using acid in the pit
after burying the foetuses and other related material
in the pit following illegal abortions to speed up
their decomposition.


Anonymous said...

omg this makes me sick

kaur said...

i feel like im losing breath just looking at & reading this , w/ tears down my eyes looking at that photograph

manpreet kaur said...


i am so shocked! i am so sad!

"God forgive them because they don't know what they are doing"

Did they?

satvinder said...


speechless. How could anyone...?!


Anonymous said...

the worst thing is they did know.

Navjot Kaur M said...

This is a disgusting act that i am ashamed to say is still being practised. I dnt understand y people would want to kill their own child based on it sex? Guruji said " girls are the greatest jewels. They give birth to the greatest kings!" Were also equal in status to men. Our religion is the only religion that states that. How can anyone cal them selve worthy of being human or look at themselves in the mirror knowing they murdered a small child. God doesnt throw childen down into this world and give themto anyone. COuples are crying to have a baby these days. People who commit these kind of selfish acts show their thanks by throwing His gift of life (a small precious child) away . God bless their souls

Manvir Singh Khalsa said...

Waheguru! Rab Bhalla Kare! Rab Bhalla Kare!

Anonymous said...

manvir singh you should post this on your site and any other bloggers/site owners.

its time to show people that this isnt going on un-noticed or chup chup anymore

Anonymous said...

yeh! why wont ne one else wana put it on their blog ? huh ?

Anonymous said...

What are the root causes of people doing this? It cant be just favoratism for boys, it must be something deeper in the pyche of the people of punjab.

Heres my analysis

1) punjab being constantly at war or conflict, males are required in the army. Females get in the way of front line fighting and become victimised through rape when other side comes over.

2) Lack of oppertunities for females in India to progress in society in work

3)When females do something wrong as in have sexual relations outside marriage its a slur on the families honour and respect.

These are just my thoughts, there could be many more to identify but I believe it is this thinking and issues underneath these disgraceful acts of female infantocide that contribute to it. We need to find solutions so that females are self-respectul and able to hold their own in Indian/punjabi society without being victimised

Anonymous said...

its also majorly issues of dowry for more poor families - birth of girls = paying for dowry in india which can be more than the person's lifetime collection of funds. Also, honour is huge, and the fact that sons will more likely take care of the parents after and carry on their blood, etc., as the girl will marry away into another family anyway
but its getting waaaay too much now, it's out of hand, blowinggg way out of the proportion we can even HANDLE, we are losing TOO MANY GIRLS, imagine, even losing ONE GIRL, gift from God, symbol of strength , power, and purity, etc., -- is just awful... we're losing millions of girls , millions of possible bhagats and mothers of warriors... waheguruu

SikhsRus said...

I know where the problem is. Look at the Sikh matrimonials in any Punjabi newspaper. If we stop accepting dowry and stop this cancer of caste system in India, we would not have this problem. The laws of India do not allow opportunities for women and protect their rights as individuals. This also goes for children. What bothers me is why do these people carry the name Singh and Kaur, wear turbans and bring Sikhi the bad name. Why don't they shave their fu@#$ heads and beards off and do this garbage of cheating, and murdering humans. Oh! it makes me so mad. Thank you for posting.