Sikh Protests against Attack on Schoolboy Grow despite arrest


The humiliation of a Sikh schoolboy in Rajasthan whose hair was forcibly cut was the focus of protests in the Lok Sabha, leading to the house being adjourned abruptly for 15 minutes. The issue has been snowballing with demonstrations in Rajasthan, Delhi and Punjab.

Sikhs have noted some members of the BJP and RSS including National President Gurcharan Gill who is also Deputy Advocate General of the Rajasthan Government have joined in protests in a vain attempt to minimise the political damage to the BJP over its poor reputation in protecting minorities. The RSS General Secretary Harnek "Singh" was alone in his praise of the BJP Chief Ministar that the entire Sikh Community worldwide has criticised for poor handling of the issue.

Arjun Meena, the main accused in the forcible cutting of the hair of a Sikh youth was arrested from the domestic airport in Delhi. Having been humiliated, the victim Inderpreet Singh took some solice in the one arrest.

"I have been very sad. Because by trimming my hair, he hurt my religious sentiments. I hope that I will get justice and the guilty will be punished soon," Inderpreet said.

Inderpreet's father Jarnail Singh said the case should be tried in a fast track court for speedy punishment of the guilty and stated:

"It was not only an inhuman act but against the Sikh religion."

Activists of the Sikh Students Federation, Akal Purkh Ki Fauj, and other organisations held a protest against the disrespecting of hair of the Sikh youth in Jaipur.

Akal Purkh Ki Fauj, SSF(Mehta) and other Sikh organisations are making their feelings known that they would not sit by and allow such disrespect to a Sikh's Hair - the most precious roop granted by Guru Gobind Singh Ji Himself they also blocked traffic and held banners and placards demanding strict action against the culprits.

SAD (Amritsar) general secretary Gurjatinder Singh Bhikhiwind stated Amritsar and other areas observed complete bandh where shops and businesses were closed in protest against the humiliation to Sikh sentiments.

A number of organisations and leaders have condemned the attack on the Sikh youth, terming it as deliberate mischief aimed at hurting the sentiments of the Sikhs.

They emphatically demanded that the Rajasthan Government take necessary steps to prevent such incidents from happening again in the future.


This article is saddening, one of the few Singhs in India who actually keeps his hair was raped of his God given kesh.

However, how many people are voluntarily cutting their hair, waxing, trimming, plucking and no one cares. In the past if someone cut their hair in Panjab they'd become an outcast in their own village, people would look down on the village and say 'someone from so and so village cut their hair...'

but now its hard to find even one kes dhari Singh in the land of the Guru's let alone one who doesnt eat meat/drink until they're senseless.


Raminder Kaur said...

Interesting thoughts.

Even in our Gurdwaras here in the US and probably abroad, if a boy cuts his hair, everyone frowns, wonders what happenend. They ask why the community wasn't there to help and support the boy.

But when girls "reach of age" and remove their hair, its interesting how most turn their cheek and embrace them for their "graceful, young, beautiful women" they have become. Most wonder what is wrong with you if you don't remove your hair.

We all know our Guru's beloved hukum. Food for thought, I guess?

Anonymous said...

double standards for guys and girls as usual

its funny how people are happy to remove their hair to find a partner, but dont give two shits about the one who gave us everything.