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Today is the Parkaash Diwas (Birth Day) of Guru Arjan Dev Ji Sahib, the 5th Guru of the Sikhs. Guru Arjan Dev Ji Sahib, the youngest son of the fourth Guru, Guru Raam Daas Sahib Ji, and Mata Bhani Ji was born at Goindwal Sahib on 2nd May, 1563. Sariaa Nu Lakh Lakh Vadhaaee Hove.


Compilation of Aad Granth Sahib Ji
Guru Arjan Dev Sahib Ji compiled the 'AAD GRANTH' Sahib Ji, which was scribed by Bhai Gurdaas Ji (the maternal uncle of Guru Arjan Dev Ji). The 'Aad Granth' Sahib Ji was an earlier version of today's Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, which had the Baani (the revealed Divine Word) of the first four Guru Sahibs, Guru Arjan Dev Ji's Baani, Bhagats (Devotees of God), and Bhatts (spiritual Bards). The Aad Granth Sahib Ji was completed and installed in Sri Harmandar Sahib (Amritsar) in 1604. This re-emphasised that the SHABAD (the Infinite Divine Wisdom) is the Guru.

Establishment of Sri Darbaar Sahib
Sri Harmandar Sahib, Amritsar was established as the centre of the Sikh People. Baba Sai Mian Mir Ji, a Sufi mystic, was asked by Guru Arjan Dev Sahib Ji to lay the foundation stone for Sri Harmandar Sahib. This was a symbolic act which demonstrated that a Sikh shouldn't look at a non-Sikh in terms of his/her laws but instead consider their VALUES and VALUE SYSTEM. Baba Sai Mir Ji and other Sufi mystics close to the Guru Sahibs had the values and value system of GURMAT and NAAM.

Establishing Taran Taaran
The city of TARAN TAARAN was founded by Guru Arjan Dev Sahib Ji. This was a BIG CITY on a BIG ROAD. This was a declaration to the world and the Mughal authorities that "The Sikhs are here to stay!" The city had the largest Sarowar (water pool) for the Sangat to bathe. Guru Sahib took special care of people suffering sickness and disease. A Leper Home was made near the Sarovar of Taran Taaran Sahib. Guru Sahib personally looked after the lepers by providing them with medicines, dresses and showering them with Divine Grace.

Developing an Economic Centre
Amritsar was developed as an ECONOMIC CENTRE. Amritsar was next to Lahore, Amritsar becoming an economic and social centre of the Sikhs was a strategic move by Guru Ji for the Sikhs to have their own state. Sikhs from far and wide would come and have darshan (audience) with Guru Sahib and also engage in trade and business, which led to the growing prosperity of the Sikh Nation.

Guru Arjan Dev Sahib Ji was the first Sikh Guru to be SHAHEED (martyred). The Shaheedi of Guru Arjan Dev Ji started a tradition which carried on throughout history, and will continue to carry on. Guru Arjan Dev Ji said that he can accept Shaheedi (martyrdom) but he cannot accept INSULT. The way a leader or prophet lives becomes the CHARACTER OF THE FOLLOWERS. Guru Sahib showed that a Sikh should live in DIGNITY and die with HONOUR, and that a Sikh should never tolerate insult. Father Xavia of Spain, who was in India the time of Guru Ji's Shaheedi, wrote Queen Isabella of Spain and described Guru Arjan Dev Ji as embracing martyrdom.

Bhai Nand Lal [Singh] Ji writes in his poetry that if one word could describe and summarise Guru Arjan Dev Ji's life, that word be SELF-SACRIFICE.


Bhul Chuk maaf karnee jee.

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