Sikh Awareness in the Media Videos

Firstly check out this video, from the show 'Sleeper Cell':


16+ video!

interesting especially as its on a prime time T.V show in the states....

Further a great movie on Sikh identity:

"This video presents the struggle of the Sikh American community against discrimination and violence caused by ignorance of an essential symbol of the Sikh faith -- the dastaar , or turban.

The documentary begins by observing the simple, quiet act of putting on the dastaar, a daily ritual imbued with the Sikh values of honor, discipline and faith. The solemnity of this ritual contrasts with recent incidents of violence and discrimination against Sikhs due to the wearing of the dastaar , which all Sikh men are required to wear at all times in public. Such incidents include the vicious attack on Gurcharan Singh and Rajinder Singh Khalsa by five men after being accused of being terrorists, two NYPD officers who left the force after refusing the order to remove their dastaars while on duty, and a subway operator who wore his dastaar for 20 years until being recently ordered to remove his dastaar.

Even though Sikhs have no relationship with the terrorist networks of the Middle East, they are often mistaken as terrorists due to their wearing turbans. The film explores how images in the media fuel the association of the turban with terrorism, leading to the widespread discrimination against Sikhs. The film also shows the efforts made by the Sikh community to counter this discrimination through a combination of community activism, legal action, legislation and education. "

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Khalsa4ever said...

Wow. Great Video!!

Makes me feel sad, because the black guy had a million times more guts that I do for sticking up for him like that.

Anonymous said...

yeah same here feel very sad....the dastaar shows the identity of a sikh of guru gobind singh sahib that identity comes courage and the ability to defend yourself and people around you.....shame the other guy had to defend the sikh

well...i guess it is reality....and does help the issue that sikhs have no connection with terrorism....