Respect for Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj (King of Kings)

A Picture From Punjab

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh,

Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaaj, our living Guru, the spiritual light of our 10 Guru’s, King of Kings, the ones who give us everything and have all the answers. Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji deserves the utmost respect. Unfortunately this has not been happening.

We hear stories of people keeping saroops of Guru Ji in closets or on shelves. People taking Guru Sahib to halls and other inappropriate places where Guru Sahib would never want their children to be seen let alone themselves. Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s horse knew better than to step in a tobacco field, but yet we take Guru Sahibs saroop to where alcohol and tobacco is served or is stored. This just breaks my heart. Where has the respect for our Guru gone, they’ve blessed us with everything, and this is how we repay them?

In olden times people use to walk to the gurdwara every morning to have darshan of Guru Sahib. This was such a big deal for them. Now we have been printing of so many saroops of Guru Sahib that people don’t have that respect or excitement of going to see Guru Sahib. We have forgotten how to treat Guru Sahib with respect. When people have weddings they do shagan in front of Guru Sahib, wear kalgi’s, and uncles and aunties put their hands on top of the couples head as if they can give more blessings than guru sahib. How lost we are.

Even people who have Guru Sahibs saroop at home, they don’t have the time to properly attend to Guru Sahib. They spend their day watching tv, entertaining guests, but they don’t have time to sit with Guru Ji. When Guru Ji is at your house it is not a small thing, it requires lots of time and devotion. You have such an important guest at your house, you have to devote your time to. People make food for themselves but they don’t think to do bhog to it and offer it to Guru Sahib before eating it themselves.

In India people take Guru Sahib to marriage palaces and sit on tables and chairs, with their head uncovered and shoes on their feet, drinking alcohol and eating meat. With no care in the world, not caring that Guru Sahib is there with them watching everything. They may enjoy now but this is just sowing bad karms for their future.

What can be done about this. First we can try to educate our families and ourselves about Sikhi and Guru Sahib. Another solution could be instead of people keeping Guru Sahibs saroop at home they can bring home sancheeya and do paath from them, and than go to Gurdwara for darshan. SGPC should stop printing so many saroops and instead print sancheeya.

The Respect For Guru Granth Sahib Ji Campaign in England has done a great amount of work in educating people about not taking Guru Sahib to halls and other inappropriate places. We should support them fully and start up similar campaigns in our own areas. If not than if we see something wrong happening in our family we should at least educate them.

Below is the Hukamnama from Akal Takht prohibiting taking Guru Sahib to Marriage Palaces and Hotels.

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh



Pritam Singh Khalsa said...

I have been obseving the very same thing. Im glad you addressed this.I have SGGS installed at my house and I think its a blessing to me to me for GURUJI to want to be a guest at my house.I feel as if GURUJI wants to reside over my house.My wife isnt a SIKH{I was with her before I discovered I was a SIKH}but she sometimes thinks I spend too much time with GURUJI, and I tell her thats impossible cause we dont even live that long.She after a year went with me to the Gurdwara in Sac and did Matha Tekna in front of GURUJI.That to me shows respect from someone who barely understands SIKHI.While sitting in GURUJIs presence I was serving Parshad to many people having Darshan of SGGS and she realized all the respect from SIKHs to GURUJI.They have to see it for themselves before they understand.People should highly respect SGGS because GURUJI changed my life COMPLETELY. Iwas totally the oppisite but always treated others with respect even when spit at,and all my friends used to tell me Im stupid for resecting others. I was revealed SIKHI through God will, no doubt.I used to feel there was something out there but I couldnt see or know what. Now I know for a fact SIKHI and GURUJI need the respect deserved. Dont just read SGGS, understand SGGS. Dont just go to the Gurdwara, participate in the Sangat. There needs to be Sevadars in attendace with SGGS when SGGS is taken anywhere from the Gurwara to make sure not one person disrespects SGGS by; watching for shoes, headcoverings,people talking/yaking{not paying attention}, making a temporary cloth wall aroung SGGS when overwelmed with disrespect or even removing SGGS from the place and reporting irreverence to BabaJi or to the person in charge of lending SGGS and not allowing that party to never be allowed the blessing of using SGGS for their pleasure.SATNAM WAHEGURU JI KA KHALSA WAHEGURU JI KI FATEH!

Paramvir Singh said...

WAHEGURU JI ah upar vali picture kithon di hai ji?

Paramvir Singh said...

WAHEGURU JI ah upar vali picture kithon di hai ji?