Coventry Gurmat Camp Pictures

Inspiring Photos of the youth:
(Click on any pictures to Enlarge)

Dhan Guru Granth Sahib Ji

He's Happy!

Nihang Singh

Another happy individual

Reminds me of Nihang Major Singh

Is that an AXE?!

Look no hands!

Two tone, matches his Bana

Akali Boonga


I like this one!

Needs two people just to hold it up - Vaheguru


3 Helpers this time

Awesome Dumalrah

Biggest Chand in all of Coventry

Birds Eye View

Khalsa Mero Roop Hai Khaaaas
Pictures: CovKhalsa


Manvir Singh Khalsa said...


These photos are hillarious! Great photos. Kids seem to be enjoying themselves :)

Anonymous said...


Shinda said...

Awsome picks. The Dumllay are nice to.

pure kaurness! said...

hey confused,, im from warwickshire 2! pics r gd.. yehh cov got wicked sikhi goin on! propa chardi kala place!!

ss said...

lol - looks like much fun all round.

My dastaar used to look like some of those when I first started tying it all those years ago. Except I wasn't trying to look like that - it was just the way they used to turn out :-)

ss said...

PS. was this camp at
Gurdwara Guru Nanak Parkash in Coventry?

I was there last sunday ( and I saw signs up that looked like they might have been from a Sikhi camp.

Confused Khalsa said...

yeah Mr Solarider, i saw that you mentioned you'd been there - if only you'd come on the day you could have taken the pictures and done some crazy imagery effects =]

ss said...

Crazy imagery effects? You have me "confused" with someone else :-))

All I need is another set of people saying "whats this crazy singh upto - why doesn't he point the camera straight at us and take pictures instead of lying on the floor or getting right in our face" :-)

I should be back up "north" (yeah I know it's the midlands - but it's all North to me :-)) fairly soon. Most likely Guru Tegh Badadhur Gurdwara in Leicester - hope to take shots then.

Take it easy and get revising or you'll have to do a Shinda Singh :-)

Good luck.

Anonymous said... website for cov gatka akhara that helped oraganise the camp, i had the pleasure of being a sevadar there n did the images sewa hope u lyk join are forum n add u say