$$$$AMRIT IS CHEAP?!$$$$

Recently a trend that I’ve noticed is that we as a nation are BEGGING our fellow Sikhs to take Amrit, the baptism ceremony into our religion

I’ve done it myself in the past, talked to people in such a way that they only see the benefit in taking Amrit and don’t really have time to contemplate what would happen if they did not keep up the Rehit (Discipline).

Lets go back to the first initiation ceremony in Sikhism – at Vaisakhi time 1699.

The Five Beloved Ones gave their heads.

'Jo Tho Prem Khelan Kaa Chaao, Sir Dhar Thali Gali Meri Auo.'

Are we ready to play the game of love? If so then put your head on the palm of your hand and walk my path says the Guru

Guru Gobind Singh Ji was even questioned when he BEGGED for Amrit. He was asked by the Five Beloved Ones “We gave our heads… What will you give??”

Guru Ji replied, he would give everything – his whole self and his family. Which we can see from the history how not only did Guru Ji give his father for the good of another faith at the tender age of 9 years old, he gave his mother for the righteous cause and then further the lives of his 4 sons…

And today?

We beg people to take amrit, parents fight with their children and we argue with our spouses to take Amrit.

This is not an “Amrit bashing post”, I strongly believe in Amrit as stated in this Rehitnama:

pRQm rihq Xih jwn KMfy kI pwhul Cky ] 4
prathham rehith yehi jaan kha(n)ddae kee paa
hul shhakae || To drink the Ambrosial Nectar of the Khanda (Amrit) is the primary instruction for the Sikh

soeI isMG pRDwn Avr n pwhul jo ley ]
soee si(n)gh pradhhaan avar n paahul jo leae || He who abandons all other initiations is truly a great Sikh.

Rehatnama Bhai Desa Singh Ji

To take Amrit is the first step towards your Guru, not the last.

But it should be a choice you make on your own, when you get the thirst for it – an uncontrollable thirst that you’re willing to die for a sip of Guru ji’s Amrit – then your ready.

So instead of never taking Amrit, or taking it because your forced to – try to live the way a Sikh should before you take Amrit. Wake up every morning in the early hours and do the prescribed Banis, live honestly without commiting the 4 Bajjar Kurehits.

Once you’re able to do this for some time, then you are ready.

Amrit isn’t cheap. People have died for it, and even in the recent history of Bhai Randhir Singh Ji’s times people were routinely turned away from Amrit Sanchaars. I remember personally talking to a Singh who said that he threatened to jump into a well if he wasn’t given it, and his mother had to beg the 5 beloved ones to give her son Amrit.

In recent history (past 50/60 years) certain tests have had to be passed before Amrit is blessed. One such test was to sit through a reading of the entire Akhaand Paath Sahib without food/water or restroom break. (48 hours) This is the type of commitment needed by the panth, Akaal Puraakh’s(Gods) Army.

If only the people who were ready for Amrit took it, then there wouldn’t be fake people like myself who take Amrit but don’t live up to the values that Guru ji has told us to live by.

So please brothers and sisters, don’t force people to take Amrit. We’re weakening ourselves by pushing people into something they are not ready for. It’s one of the reasons there are so many “Amritdharis” misrepresenting the faith and giving Guru Jis sweet Sikhi a bad name.

However, Amrit is something we should all aspire to do at some stage for it is the initiation into the Sikh faith as laid down by Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj.

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In summary, do take Amrit and inspire others to do so. But.. don’t do it by force, do it by example. Make your life so pious and pure that people want to be like you, like Guru Jis Khalsa.

Forgive me for any mistakes.

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