You Give Off Such A Rotten Smell!

kwm k®oD iqRsnw ky lIny giq nhI eykY jwnI ]
kaam krodh thrisunaa kae leenae gath nehee eaekai jaanee
You are engrossed with unsatisfied sexual desire and unresolved anger; you do not know the State of the One Lord.

PUtI AwKY kCU n sUJY bUif mUey ibnu pwnI ]1]
foottee aakhai kushoo n soojhai boodd mooeae bin paanee
Your eyes are blinded, and you see nothing at all. You drown and die without water. ||1||

clq kq tyFy tyFy tyFy ]
chuluth kuth ttaetae ttaetae ttaetae
Why do you walk in that crooked, zig-zag way?

Asiq crm ibstw ky mUMdy durgMD hI ky byFy ]1] rhwau ]
asath churum bisuttaa kae moondhae dhurugundh hee kae baetae
You are nothing more than a bundle of bones, wrapped in skin, filled with manure; you give off such a rotten smell! ||1||Pause||

rwm n jphu kvn BRm BUly qum qy kwlu n dUry ]
raam n jupuhu kuvun bhrum bhoolae thum thae kaal n dhoorae
You do not meditate on the Lord. What doubts have confused and deluded you? Death is not far away from you!

Aink jqn kir iehu qnu rwKhu rhY AvsQw pUry ]2]
anik juthun kar eihu thun raakhuhu rehai avusuthaa poorae
Making all sorts of efforts, you manage to preserve this body, but it shall only survive until its time is up. ||2||

Awpn kIAw kCU n hovY ikAw ko krY prwnI ]
aapun keeaa kushoo n hovai kiaa ko kurai puraanee
By one's own efforts, nothing is done. What can the mere mortal accomplish?

jw iqsu BwvY siqguru BytY eyko nwmu bKwnI ]3]
jaa this bhaavai sathigur bhaettai eaeko naam bukhaanee
When it pleases the Lord, the mortal meets the True Guru, and chants the Name of the One Lord. ||3||

blUAw ky GrUAw mih bsqy Pulvq dyh AieAwny ]
bulooaa kae ghurooaa mehi busuthae fuluvuth dhaeh aeiaanae
You live in a house of sand, but you still puff up your body - you ignorant fool!

khu kbIr ijh rwmu n cyiqE bUfy bhuqu isAwny ]4]4]
kuhu kubeer jih raam n chaethiou booddae buhuth siaanae
Says Kabeer, those who do not remember the Lord may be very clever, but they still drown. ||4||4||

Limb 1123, Siri Guru Granth Sahib Ji


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ss said...

Waheguru - very apt for a manmukh like me

Pritam Singh Khalsa said...

You should use your time on earth more wisely. Why do you have good music but stupid blog posts.Dont give sikhs a bad name,you dont even realise what you are doing!

ss said...

No idea what you're on about Paarji. This is a great blog with many great and insightful posts.

Keep it up Singh Ji.

" You should use your time on earth more wisely" - I think we can *all* do that.

Manvir Singh Khalsa said...

"Confused" bhaji - good to see the audio working on the blog :)

take care.

Confused Khalsa said...

thanks for making it happen ;-)

Confused Khalsa said...

"Gombesa said...

You should use your time on earth more wisely. Why do you have good music but stupid blog posts.Dont give sikhs a bad name,you dont even realise what you are doing! "

I think the topic title may be a little mis-leading!

This is a Sabd/hymn by Bhagat Kabeer Ji who's bani is present in Siri Guru Granth Sahib ji many times.

While reading this shabd I saw many parts of it that I could apply to my life and I thought by posting it people could look into their own lives and try to improve themselves.

It is in no way directed towards anyone, and apologies if anyone was offended.


Pritam Singh Khalsa said...

Lets all post certain SGGS quotes and act like they are helping non-sikhs understand. People read one or two and think they know Sikhi and run off slandering qoutes. After they think all qoutes are similar to the ones posted above. If there were some that talk about good["The Guru, the True Guru, is my very breath of life. Says Nanak, the Guru has implanted the Naam within me, the Name of the Lord, Har, Har, the True Name. I am a song-bird, I am a meek song-bird; I offer my prayer to the Lord. || 4 || 3 || (Page: 573)
rather than just how to change yourself. How are you "confused" if your on track?

Confused Khalsa said...

im really confused ji, i actually am this time :)

sorry if i've offended you in anyway.