Old Age Spares None

Was talking to a colleague this morning about diet. He's older than me. He mentioned now that he is getting old, the metabolism rate of his body is decreasing fast and henceforth, he needs to start eating less than he used to if he wants his weight to remain constant. Later on in the day, after lunch and dinner, I realized too that my metabolism rate has declined dramatically over the years. I can eat only half as much as I could about 10-15 years back and then also I feel that I over eat many times. Age is catching up fast.

It is really dawning upon me now (seeing myself and others) that age doesn't spare anybody, irrespective of how healthy they might appear to be or much exercise they do. No amount of cosmetics, surgery, exercise and diet control can fully hide the stuff inside the body. Everybody knows this from inside. Still the rate of desires, lust, greed, anger and attachment never decreases. On the other hand, it increases for many of us with age. How ironical!


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