Quick note,

We all have many habits from sucking our thumbs, to picking our noses. We do these things "automatically", without thinking - it's become part of our nature.

To make something part of our nature we must intially spend alot of time doing that thing.

Taking the example of Simran (vaheguru, vaheguru, meditation on God), at first to be able to do it 24/7 we must spend time doing it. Starting with 10 mins of quiet time everyday, slowly building up to 1/2 hours in the morning.

soeI ibDwqw iKnu iKnu jpIAY ]
soee bidhaathaa khin khin jupeeai
Each and every instant, meditate on that Creator Lord.

ijsu ismrq Avgux siB FkIAY ]
jis simuruth avugun sabh tukeeai
Meditating in remembrance on Him, all faults and mistakes are covered.

The more we do, the more our body/mind will become used to it. Eventually it will just be our nature, it'll happen without us even thinking about it.

But first, we gotta put in the intial effort!

Here is a mp3 of the shabd above, Click Me.

The Shabd on SikhiToTheMax

and anyone who still sucks their thumb and is able to read this should stop!

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