Sikhs are Muslims

Extract from a blog:

Sikhs are hindus. they are no different than Hindus. Guru gobind Singh created khalsa to defend hinduism from muslims.

NO old sikh book says that sikhs are different to hindus. now people are trying to prove that sikhs and hindus are different religions. Bhai amrit singh is one of these people.

For first time, brahman sikhs of sarhadi suba of pakistan declared that they are not hindus. it happened during british raj. these brahman Sikhs went to hardwar where hindu brahmans insulted them that they worship a khatri guru. Angered on this, Brahman sikhs of sarhadi suba claimed that they are not hindus but sikhs. from this point a thin line was drawn between hindus and sikhs. it was started by sarhadi brahman sikhs. they were first in this world who declared that sikhs are not hindus. otherwise no other sikh text says that sikhs are not hindus.

these brahman sikhs impressed some khatri sikhs of sarhadi suba and they started to believe also that sikhs are not hindus. all this bakvas was started by brahman sikhs and spread by khatri sikhs of sarhadi suba. punjabi sikhs always believe in hindu sikh unity.

on amritworld site bhai amrit singh dedicate his site to people. they are from sarhadi suba. so it is clear that bhai amrit singh is spreading sarhadi suba views in punjab and uk.


Sikhs worship 1 God, Hinduism has literally millions

Sikhi is strongly against caste, Hinduism is BASED on caste

Sikhs dont wear janeeou (sacred thread) as Guru Nanak Dev Ji strongly apposed it, Hindus still wear it to this day

Hindus cut their hair, practicing Sikhs don’t cut their hair

Hindus worship idols, which is also heavily criticised in Gurbani

"The fools consider Vaheguru a stone, for they do not know the difference the lifeless stone and the living God. "
Chaupai Sahib, 4th Holy Prayer of the Sikhs.

Sikhs are forbidden to fast, Hindus routinely fast

Sikhs spiritual guide is the Guru Granth Sahib Ji, Hindus have the Vedas/Gita

Hindus are not forbidden to smoke tobacco, Sikhs are strictly forbidden to even touch it

Sikhs are forbidden from eating meat, Hindus have no such restriction

Hindus holiest shrine is Hardawar, Sikhs holiest shrine is Amritsar/Hazoor Sahib

There is nothing wrong with Hindu people, there religion is perfect for them. But Sikhs have a separate, very unique religion.

I cant really understand how people can make blanket statements like "Sikhs are Hindus" without thinking about the amount of differences, like the ones mentioned above.

It is true, many Sikhs people do many things much like Hindu people in India - but those people are not following what Sikhi says.

They are more than likely doing what is culturally done, after all Sikhs do live among Hindu people at the moment.

This blog seems a bit weird in the way that its created to slander an individual which in itself is a very unsikh thing brother ji :)

All the best,
Confused Khalsa


Manvir Singh Khalsa said...

I don't why the person went out of his way to prove Sikhs are Hindus when Guru Sahib himself says he's NOT a HINDU!

naa hum hindoo na musalmaan.
aleh raam ke pindd puraan.4.
Translates: "I am not a Hindu, nor am I a Muslim. My body and breath of life belong to Allah - to Raam - the God of both."
(ang 1136)

Anonymous said...

This is a new site posted on a forum.

Its from the muslims, check it out:


Anonymous said...

He is not Amrit Singh, but his full name is Bhai Amrit Pal Singh 'Amrit'. It is right that Sarhaddi Brahman Sikhs were the first, who told Hindu Brahmans that Sikhs are not Hindu. While doing so, Sarhaddi Brahman Sikhs were not wrong.

It is right that Bhai Amrit's father and grandfather etc came from Sarhaddi Suba in Pakistan. He himself has mentioned this on At the same time, he is dedicated to unbiased research. His ideas have nothing to do with his background. It does not matter at all, if Bhai Amrit is a Sarhaddi Sikh.

Anonymous said...

I don't normally partake in such discussions but have been forced to write something. I am a hindu and have been made aware of these sites from friends who are sikh. I am all for the thought that sikhism is a different religion from hinduism and feel that any one who undermines either religion by saying they are one and the same is completely wrong. Although a religious identity should not be considered as a means of segregation all religions should be respected and given equal importance. I must admit though I have still alot to learn about my religion I feel I have a reasonably well rounded knowledge and I feel that always trying to learn more about other religions as well as my own will given me a more open minded view of the world. Now that I have explained where I stand on religious issues and extend my respect to the sikh faith I will make my point.

With all due respect to u and i am not addressing sikhism I am addressing some ill-informed individuals who are quick to criticisesomething they have obviuously not understood completely, including urself, I am drawing ur attention to a word known as symbolism. These idols that almost every one is criticising are not gods, they are representations of a supreme power in human form or AVATARS. Just as Guru Nanak Dev Ji was an Avatar, a teacher, more informed of the supreme power, the eternal soul, the almighty. Hindus worship stones...this is incorrect. Hindus worship the interpretation of the stone, the belief behind it which it represents, It's link to the almighty and its representation of the eternal soul. This too is true of the fire.

I put it to you,sikh people matha tekh infront of photos of gurunanak dev ji, infront of a book, treat the waters at Amritsar as holi and bath in them. I too could turn around and say that you worship books, pictures and water, but I understand that it is not the book, it is the teachings, it is not the photos it is the teacher and it is not the water it is the belief behind it.

Stone statues and symbols mainly outlive pictures and paintings, hinduism is an old belief that stems from a time when civilisation had only just begun, but time has always been a central concept and understood in the religion and so comes the explanation that some forward thinking individuals thought of stone idol representation, who knows, maybe the paintings did not survive the time at first and so people turned to representation in other ways. Not everyone coud read , as today in india, it was a luxury afforded by an even lower number back then, maybe these people needed more than a book for their lack of understanding or maybe there was nobody to read it to thembecause hindus have always existed in huge numbers, so they had symbols. Symbolism occurs in all religions, be it a khanda on a flag, or a cresent moon or even a word, language don't forget is the most specialised of symbols, so what if symbolism occurs at a higher level in one of the oldest religions in the world.

But know this, it is merely symbolism, the idols symbolise a far greater power, one that could not and cannot be appreciated in a singular form, one that has many interpretations though it stems from a single supreme power which everybody's soul becomes a part of and aftr they leave this cycle of life and death and where each soul comes from to enter the cycle. This is the underlying thought in hinduism.

So please, no more of this silly arguement about idol worship, Im sick to the stomach with this ignorance. To truely form a successful arguement one must know the ins and outs of both sides. Maybe u Mr or MS Confused Khalsa can put people who use this arguement right in the future, so they do notuse arguements based on a false information and look silly. Im sure people have arguements to put forward and im sure they are justified, but with these type of arguements people look foolish and are not taken seriously. Also if a hindu person has told you different, most people don't know much about their religions this is a fact, then I apologise for jumping to the conclusion that youu haven't looked hard enough for the truth but lets face it though, if u had looked hard enough you would have found it. But no matter, you know now.

Good luck guys.

Khalsa said...

Sikhism cannot be compoared with Hinduism in any way shape or form, firstly because hinduism is not a religion it is merely a combination of pagan rituals and man made scriptures, the idols and gods hiduism salutes are ghastly and demonic, Sikhism is the worship of the one and only supreme being the creator of all and everything he is sublime and beautiful, while hiduism and the caste system it created are filthy and evil.
The Hindu must ask himself why the Lord would incarnate himself in such nasty forms when he he so beautiful,
The Hindu must also ask himself is the earth is indeed flat, wide and static as the vedas claims it is or does the sun revolve around the earth as other passages in the vedas claim, the modern hindu tries to overlook such writings from the vedas as metaphors, however the Lord knows and sees all as he is the creator, and if the vedas were divine they would not entertain such stupidy, therefore they and hinduism itself is not only proven fasle but far far from God or religion. (there are many other crazy statements in the hindu scriptures which science can easily prove wrong)

Many thanks

Manveer Singh Sidhu said...

The Islam Site listed above uses fake names and identities to pretend that many Sikhs agree with Islam beliefs. Why would a Sikh have an issue about how hairy a woman is? There are numerous posts by people with the same last name, Sandhu, Gill, Singh. All the same, all are fake. Please be aware, another proaganda site. Notice how they don't publish the negative comments.