When Will I Mature?

I may have started
Looking old from outside
But from inside
I am still a child
My physical body
May have seem to matured
But from inside my mind
Is still that of a child

When I was a small kid
I wanted toys all the time
Not this one
I want that one
I used to cry

Then I grew up little bit
Became a bigger kid
I wanted bigger toys
Not the small toys from before
When I grew up more
I wanted toys with buttons
Toys with motors and guns

A day came when I entered
The age of youth
The physical body blossomed
Other desires replaced
The ones for motorcars and guns

One day someone said that kid
Is taking your toys
Won't you stop him
No I won't I said
Let him take
All that he wants
Now I have realized
One should not cry over toys

Really is that true?
Something inside me asked

Now the mind has developed
The desire for some other
Kinds of toys
I spend my entire time
Trying to get hold of them

I am spending my entire life
Trying to be happy
Seeing my big house
My beautiful car
My lovely family

I don't realize that the time
Is not far when
These will be taken away from me
And then I will be crying again
Like I used to when I was a small kid

I am still a child
For I still cry for my toys
Only the type of toys has changed
My desire for them has not changed

Something inside me asks me this again
When will I finally mature
And not remain a child
Any more from inside?


We 'grow' up, but our desires and wants get more childish.

How many of us are content with what we have? If we were given £5000 i'm sure things almost instantly spring to mind that we "need".... I'm no exception.

The day we become contempt with what we have, I honestly believe, is the day when God will want us.

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ss said...

True .. so true.

From http://solarider.org/blog/?p=670

"You give but little when you give of your possessions.
It is when you give of yourself that you truly give"
[Khalil Gibran, The Prophet]

Which is of course the same message passed onto us by Guru Ji.

Greed (lobh) is a vice. No Sikh can deny this. We need to ensure that we keep it in check.

I know I have to. And that I must work harder on this and the rest.