Blog Notes

After a while of messing around with all the blog settings, i think im going to try get some help with the formatting of the blog.

Somehow, im going to try and find a way to index all the random topics i write about so they are easily accessible.

Secondly, on the left hand side i've managed (somehow) to add a "blog update notification thingy", so you can add your email and whenever a post is added it'll drop you a little email!

I only write three/four times a week so you wont get any mass spam!

Also, can you please let me know if the blog is mis-alligned/messed up on your browser?
I use mozilla, so sometimes it comes out wierd in internet explorer etc.

Colours ok? Size of text readable? Please let me know it its not.

Also, anybody know a good way to post Gurbani onto the blog? I currently cut and paste from websites or and occasionally the text doesnt copy, or there are gaps left where there shouldnt be, and you cant remove them!

I've tried blogger for word, but this doesnt really sort out the problem either.

Finally, i'm going to try start posting from my mobile - so the text might be messed up intially as I mess around with the settings. So many times i think of things to write about, but when i get to a computer my mind is blank.

I think im going to also change the template, dots just arent me anymore :)

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