Sikhs aren't punjabis!

I've been thinking about writing this post for a while now, but havent been near a computer when i had the "urge"!

Sikhi, although it originated in Panjab doesnt mean that all sikhs are punjabi. This is obvious from the 3HO movement, and the small but dedicated non-sikhs who have embraced sikhi saroop (identity) across the world.

It is important to distinguish between what is religion and what is culture - to mix the two is extremely bad for our spiritual well being, and we are portraying our religionly badly to other people by doing so.


First and foremostly we need to drop the caste from our names, be it using Sandhu/Bains/SHER GILL or whatever in your name - it promotes caste. This is one of the first things the founder of Sikhi criticised about the hindu culture. And our last Guru in worldy form was also against this as he gave us the names Singh and Kaur to use, simply to enforce that all sikhs are equal.

I'm not sure if many people know but from your last name, the older/wiser generation can determine your caste!! so the less we use it the better, it only costs £10 from UK courts to do this.

Jatt Pride has no place in sikhi, no one is better than anyone else because of their bloodline - it is only the actions of a person that determine a persons worth. Many Bhagats in Siri GUru Granth Sahib ji were of very low caste, Namdev was a Shudra and Bhagat Ravidaas was a chumaar (or another lowly caste) yet Guru ji saw that they were worth more than all the ego filled brahmins.

Another thing i'd like to touch on briefly is bhangra, bhangra is a great way to exercise and for this reason i believe it is ok to practice like the Western Sikhs do - however the lyrics in the majority of the songs are filthy. So for someone who see's their goal in life to achieve oneness with vaheguru/guru ji we need to stop these hippedy/hoppedy acts!


Manvir Singh Khalsa said...

Very well said. :)

We are all locked up in the shackles of Brahmanism, Panjabiat and Hankaar (ego). The True Guru, the greatest Guru of them all, Satgur Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji has given us the formula and way to unlock the shackles we are trapped in.

However, it is upto us to unlock the lock by turning the key... it is up to us to enshrine the Guru's shabad in our mind, to keep Rehat, and to realise to open our eyes to the TRUE reality shown to us by Guru Sahib.

"Jio Supnaa Ar Pekhnaa. Aise Jag Kau Jaan.
In Mai Kachh Saacho Nehee. Naanak Bin Bhagwaan."
>>> The world is as if a dream. Nothing is true in this world, other than the true reality, Waheguru.

Anonymous said...

I wish more Punjabi "Sikhs" and non-Punjabi Hindus would agree with this post. Although I come from a Hindu Brahman family (Uttar Pradesh), we have no regard for the caste system whatsoever and believe that the highest form of worship is doing dhyaan (simran) to Parmaatma (Waheguru). I personally have done a lot of my own research on Sikhi and feel very strong about Guru Nanak Ji's teachings. I try attend Gurdwara frequently, but I feel like I got a lot of scrutiny from the Punjabi Sikhs and from Hindu friends of the family. It seems like everyone thinks it is wrong for a non-Punjabi to explore Sikhism. I have gotten into many heated debates with other family members who object to my beliefs and many Punjabi Sikhs who think I should "stick to my own religion".

Confused Khalsa said...

Firstly thanks for your post.
A Gursikh, a Sikh of the Guru should never worry about what anyone says or thinks aslong as they are committing good actions.

your backround should have no relation to what religion you follow, this is just another form of castism :)

the problem, in my eyes, is a very deep rooted one. many people follow the caste system due to the way they were brought up, even though they may openly say they dont. However, when it comes to marriage most peoples true colours are revealed - its all Guru ji's play - lets watch and laugh like He is :)

xSHANTIx said...

excellent points made here i agree!