The Khalsa Will Be Forever Free!

Khalsa was created for all,
Let us answer the Guru's Call.
Guru Hargobind gave us power,
And strength in the darkest hour.

Our goal is to be God's true friend,
And serve him till the end.
Guru Amar Das, who taught by his humble example.
Guru Ram Das, who gave us the Golden Temple.

Guru Gobind Singh, Guru Gobind Singh.
Kneels but to one True King.
That is the King of Kings.
The goal is peace.
Then only is our soul released.

Let us learn a lesson from,
Guru Gobind Singh's four courageous Sons.
And remember the Five Beloved Ones.
Bless those who were cut limb to limb.
And gave their lives to only Him.

Women who offered no cry of complaint.
Who remembered those brave saints.
Bhai Fauja Singh had taken eleven bullets in the body.
And still said "Waheguru" and some asked how could thee?

We felt pain,
Again and Again.
But we will never forgive and forget,
Because it can't be forgotten in the rain.

Waheguru can travel through time and space.
From this place to that place.
May the Khalsa light the way for the whole human race.

Let the voice of Satguru,
Teach us how to get to Waheguru.
And we will reach our goals,
That is to clean our souls.

God has traveled all the lands.
Has blessed them with His hands.
But with grace our Takhats will stand.

If confidence is kept in thee.
The Khalsa will be forever free.

- Bhai Daljit Singh Grade 10 (1999)

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