Signs of Kaljug (The Dark Age)

raamakalee mehalaa 1 asattapadheeaa
ik oa(n)kaar sathigur prasaadh ||
soee cha(n)dh charrehi sae thaarae soee dhineear thapath rehai ||
saa dhharathee so poun jhulaarae jug jeea khaelae thhaav kaisae ||1||
jeevan thalab nivaar ||
hovai paravaanaa karehi dhhin(g)aanaa kal lakhan veechaar ||1|| rehaao ||
kithai dhaes n aaeiaa suneeai theerathh paas n bait(h)aa ||
dhaathaa dhaan karae theh naahee mehal ousaar n bait(h)aa ||2||
jae ko sath karae so shheejai thap ghar thap n hoee ||
jae ko naao leae badhanaavee kal kae lakhan eaeee ||3||
jis sikadhaaree thisehi khuaaree chaakar kaehae ddaranaa ||
jaa sikadhaarai pavai ja(n)jeeree thaa chaakar hathhahu maranaa ||4||
aakh gunaa kal aaeeai ||
thihu jug kaeraa rehiaa thapaavas jae gun dhaehi th paaeeai ||1|| rehaao ||
kal kalavaalee saraa nibaerree kaajee kirasanaa hoaa ||
baanee brehamaa baedh athharaban karanee keerath lehiaa ||5||
path vin poojaa sath vin sa(n)jam jath vin kaahae janaeoo ||
naavahu dhhovahu thilak charraavahu such vin soch n hoee ||6||
kal paravaan kathaeb kuraan ||
pothhee pa(n)ddith rehae puraan ||
naanak naao bhaeiaa rehamaan ||
kar karathaa thoo eaeko jaan ||7||
naanak naam milai vaddiaaee eaedhoo oupar karam nehee ||
jae ghar hodhai ma(n)gan jaaeeai fir oulaamaa milai thehee ||8||1||

Raamkalee, First Mehl, Ashtapadees:
One Universal Creator God. By The Grace Of The True Guru:
The same moon rises, and the same stars; the same sun shines in the sky.
The earth is the same, and the same wind blows. The age in which we dwell affects living beings, but not these places. ||1||
Give up your attachment to life.
Those who act like tyrants are accepted and approved - recognize that this is the sign of the Dark Age of Kali Yuga. ||1||Pause||
Kali Yuga has not been heard to have come to any country, or to be sitting at any sacred shrine.
It is not where the generous person gives to charities, nor seated in the mansion he has built. ||2||
If someone practices Truth, he is frustrated; prosperity does not come to the home of the sincere.
If someone chants the Lord's Name, he is scorned. These are the signs of Kali Yuga. ||3||
Whoever is in charge, is humiliated. Why should the servant be afraid,
when the master is put in chains? He dies at the hands of his servant. ||4||
Chant the Praises of the Lord; Kali Yuga has come.
The justice of the previous three ages is gone. One obtains virtue, only if the Lord bestows it. ||1||Pause||
In this turbulent age of Kali Yuga, Muslim law decides the cases, and the blue-robed Qazi is the judge.
The Guru's Bani has taken the place of Brahma's Veda, and the singing of the Lord's Praises are good deeds. ||5||
Worship without faith; self-discipline without truthfulness; the ritual of the sacred thread without chastity - what good are these?
You may bathe and wash, and apply a ritualistic tilak mark to your forehead, but without inner purity, there is no understanding. ||6||
In Kali Yuga, the Koran and the Bible have become famous.
The Pandit's scriptures and the Puraanas are not respected.
O Nanak, the Lord's Name now is Rehmaan, the Merciful.
Know that there is only One Creator of the creation. ||7||
Nanak has obtained the glorious greatness of the Naam, the Name of the Lord. There is no action higher than this.
If someone goes out to beg for what is already in his own home, then he should be chastised. ||8||1||

If someone goes out to beg for what is already in his own home, then he should be chastised. ||8||1||" looking for God in other people etc, when he is already within us all!

Guru Ji tells us so many amazing things, yet we dont know how to search our Guru..

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